Adding Students to Programs

Adding Students to Programs

The below information will assist you in adding students to Zearn, Moby Max and Reflex Math. The directions include choosing a starting point/assignment for a student. If you have questions or need assistance please contact Jan Carlson at or extension 6782.

Adding Students to Zearn

Link to Zearn

1. Go to your class page. 
2. Click Add Students. 
3. Fill in the required information, clicking Next between screens.
4. The student’s username and password must be the student’s computer/network login. The 6 digit Student ID must be entered on the screen where it asks for SIS.
5. Choose a starting point.
6. Click Finish.
Note: Students will need to enter a Class Code the first time they use Zearn. The code will be provided when you register the student. It also appears on your class page on the left-hand side under your name.
Warning: If students do not activate their accounts by mid-February, they will be deactivated by Zearn and disappear from your roster.

Adding Students to Moby Max

Moby Max - Lander
Moby Max - MMS
Moby Max - MHS

1. Click the Roster button on the Moby Learning page.
2. Click the Register new student link on the right.
3. Select the Grade Level.
4. Enter the student information: Student ID, First name, Last name
5. Create the username and password. Delete what’s in those fields and enter the student’s computer username and password.
      Note: The student’s username and password must be the student’s computer/network login. The 6 digit Student ID must be entered.
6. Click “Register.”

Initial Placement Test/Starting Grade Level
A student will automatically start with a placement test in math, language and vocabulary. The beginning grade level of a placement test can be changed, or the test can be skipped all together. In modules with no placement test, a Starting Grade Level can be selected. To select a starting point for a single student:
1. Click on the student’s name in the roster.
2. Click on the Curriculum tab.
3. In the Select box, choose the desired module. 
4. For a module with an Initial Placement Test, chose whether to start with a test and a grade level. For a module with no Initial Placement Test, select a Starting Grade Level.
5. Click on Save.

Adding Students to Reflex

Link to Reflex

1. Select the Class Management tab at the top right.
2. Select Add Student at the bottom of the class roster.
3. Select Add New or Import then select Add a New Student.
4. Fields marked with an * are required.
5. When you are done entering the required fields, select Add New Student.
6. A password will automatically be generated for the student. This password can be changed. See below.
7. Select Add Another Student to add additional students or select Ok if you’re done.

Changing a student’s password in Reflex:
1. Go to the student roster.
2. Select the student’s name.
3. When the student’s information appears, select the pencil to edit.
4. Enter the desired password (3 digit number) in the password field and select Save.

Give the student an assignment. If you don’t, he will not appear in the roster when he logs in.
1. Select Class Management.
2. In your roster, place a check in the box to the left of the students’ names.
3. Select the blue Assignment button.
4. Choose an assignment.
5. Select Accept.
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