Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy


Welcome to the seventh grade! We, the Warrior teachers, are really looking forward to having you as part of our team. We have an exciting and busy year planned and hope that all of you will find success in what is ahead. Working together, cooperating, and following team and building guidelines will certainly play a part in that success. To guide us toward our goals, an explanation of the discipline system and other Warrior team policies will follow. It is your responsibility to understand this system and team expectations.

Team Rules:

It is our hope that you will see that learning must come first. Attentiveness and seriousness toward your studies should always be foremost in your mind. Follow these general rules:

· Be on time – you have 3 minutes between classes to use the restrooms and visit your lockers.

· Be ready – bring ALL of your classroom materials.

· Be courteous – show respect for yourself, fellow classmates, your teachers, and all private property.

· Be attentive – staying organized, keeping up with work and actively participating will help you succeed.

· Be observant – remember ALL school rules posted in the agenda apply EVERYWHERE.

In the event that a behavior is inappropriate and obstructs learning, the following will usually take place:

A. The 1st incident- you will be assigned a scheduled time to meet with your teacher to discuss the incident and ways to resolve the problem.

B. The 2nd incident- same as above.

C. The 3rd incident- you will be a removed from our Friday Fun Day activity.

D. The 4th incident- you will be issued a detention, along with a reflection sheet, and a parent contact.

E. The 5th incident- will result in a meeting being schedule with guidance to create a behavior plan with guidance counselor and teachers' input.  Your parents will again be notified.

*** Severe disruptions are immediately referred to the office.

This policy will continue for each term.  At the start of each term the slate will be wiped clean. 

Homework and other assignment guidelines:

Math: Checkpoints given multiple times, as needed until the summative assessment. Theoretically, redos happen until the kids gets it, so summative re-dos should not be a concern.

Homework is S/U

All other subjects follow a checkpoint intervention system appropriate for the subject—checkpoints given in a variety of forms will assure students are prepared for summative assessments or projects.

Homework is non-credit based and noted as complete/not complete unless it is an extension of a graded activity linked to a learning goal.

Re-dos of assignments will always be accepted as long as the learning is relevant and the student is putting forth effort to learn.

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