Explore Newton's laws of motion

Exploring the Laws of Motion!
In this activity, you will go to the website listed below to explore the 3 Laws of Motion. Print out the handout below and fill it out as you read through the website. Then, create a 3 part venn diagram in your science journal comparing the 3 laws of motion. Write down any questions you may have in your science journal.

Website: http://www.physics4kids.com/files/motion_laws.html

Balloon Racers
In this activity, each of you will be designing and building your own balloon car racer! You will have multiple days to work on this assignment and make sure that your balloon racer is the best it can be! Click on the link below for all of the rules and directions, and also helpful hints! Materials will be available for you in the classroom, but you may also bring in your own materials from home if you so choose. You must sketch out your balloon racer in your science journal and write a one paragraph rationale as to why you chose to design in that specific way! Build your balloon racer! Good luck!
Find the speed of your balloon racer. Speed = Total Distance divided by Total time

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