Español 2

Spanish 2

 Course Description:
This course is to continue building the student’s command of the Spanish language beginning with complete sentences and short paragraphs and then building up to extended paragraphs with that describe the point being made in the present and past tenses at an intermediate proficiency.


Warm-up-saber vs conocer song guess

Listening-wkbk pg 256

Dialogue questions 11-15

Saber vs conocer review game

Skit prep

Hw: study for saber vs conocer quiz


Study for quiz

Saber vs conocer quiz

Reading comp HL

Skit prep



Warm-up-vocab matching


Reading activity

Dialogue questions 6-10

Skit prep



Dialogue questions 1-5

Listening activities on computer

Review game

Hw: study for test



No school-staff work day

 Website Links

Ensayo: Mid-Term (2016) ¡En Español!

Unidad 5

Write a description of an ideal party.

Include the following information:

· Who is giving the party and where

· What furniture and decorations there are

· Who the guests are

· The activities people are doing

· Tell people what to do

· Say what they just did

Unidad 6

Write a paragraph describing three athletes. You can choose professional athletes or athletes in your school.

Include the following information:

· What sports they play

· What teams they play for

· Where they play

· What makes them good athletes

· What they do to stay healthy

· Include what they did in the past

· Include what hurts after exercising

Unidad 7

Write a paragraph stating what you did during vacation.

Include the following information:

· What you did in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening

· Unusual activities yesterday, two days ago, last weekend and two weeks ago.

· Include details about the activities you did and the places you went

· Use affirmative and negative word when possible

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