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April 6
WEEK OF APRIL 6 CEVEC POWER STANDARD: PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE Everything you need for a job interview..... This week..........PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE..Click the CEVEC shirt for the lesson
Hygiene is part of your professional appearance. Take an honest inventory of your personal hygiene both at CEVEC and at home. See the attached hygiene worksheet. Try answering these questions.
Clean clothing is a big part of your personal hygiene. For some of you, laundry will be your chosen job at home that you will work on 1:1 with me this quarter. How many of you already do your own laundry??? Here are the the icon
March 30, 2020 Hello to my HCS students!!! I will be bringing our Ursuline class time to you each week. Normally on Wednesday's we do not have to wear our uniform for our class time. But for this unprecedented time, WE CAN WEAR OUR PJ'S!!!!!....**Click the Traffic Light for this week's lesson...stay tuned for updated Ursuline Class time lessons. Email me at miss you..Scafidi
Letter to students and families


With Ursuline College, Heinen's, and Executive Caterers as the training sites, students develop a high sense of independence, as they work with mentors at all three sites.  A variety of unique expereinces, all within the areas of hospitality and customer service, matching each student's PINS is available and intergrating CEVEC's Power Standards. Ms. Scafidi's students, as part of the HCS team, receive the following program offerings:

*Job rotations throughout various styles of commercial kitchens/bakeries/grocery departments, customer service and custodial opportunities in which students can learn, apply, and generalize learned job skills

*Weekly classes at Ursuline College that entail: Work behaviors and emotional support skill building, application practice, resume writing/building, PINS exploration and AATA's, Ohio Means Jobs site exploration, CEVEC Power Standards Curriculum

*ServSafe (Food Handler Safety) training and applicable skill reinforcement with on the job rotations 


The Hospitality Customer Service Job Training Program is a fusion of three work programs modeled after community based employment.  Through the fading supports of both CEVEC staff and on-site mentors, students are offered the unique opportunity to work both on a college campus  as well as a retail experience. Moreover, students at HCS focus on work behaviors that are necessary to retain employment and develop positive habits that will serve them for a lifetime. The HCS program has a one staff to five-student ratio. Students learn the importance of the CEVEC’s 16  Power Standards and how they apply to daily work through a weekly instructional class situated on the Ursuline College campus. Integrated throughout the college campus, Ursuline Job Training students are offered a variety of job training opportunities to best implement and incorporate various job and social skills, CEVEC power standards, IEP goals, and cooperative teaming among their co-workers. Students rotate throughout various sites/jobs to infuse practical vocational training towards their preferences, interests, needs & strengths (PINS). Students work in several different areas on the Ursuline campus including maintenance, custodial, food service, dish washing, recycling, dining and busing, culinary prep, volunteer receptionist, and seasonal landscaping. Heinen’s Job Training students, through assessed mastery of various skills on the Ursuline campus, will then transfer their learned skills into a competitive retail setting at the Mayfield Village Heinen’s store. Student training opportunities include produce, bakery, dairy, deli, health and beauty, salad bar, and front end: customer service.  Students rotating to Executive Caterers are further offered opportunity in the areas they previously learned at Ursuline and Heinen's; thus, allowing students the opportunity to generalize their work skills in all three settings, each setting representing a different aspect of the Hospitality and Customer Service career path.

Bridget Scafidi UHJT Job Training Coordinator

Peggy Bonitati UHJT Job Trainer

Heidi Wuescher UHJT Job Trainer

CPR/First Aid Certification


Job Development Updates.....

         Mr. Reinhard
completing a Career Interest Survey with HCS students for
Ms. Scafidi's Wednesday's Classtime at Ursuline College
Mrs. Bitner from Job Development working with HCS student Jaci Mingus on money and cash register skills for her recent employment!!!

A warm welcome and Orientation for CEVEC's 2019-20HCS Students

 Ursuline College Metz Kitchen Head Chef Tyler starts the 19-20 school year AM class in an orientation.


Heinens' Manager Pat provides HCS students with an informative beginning of the year orientation and tour at the Mayfield Village  
Sam Umina from Landerhaven's Executive Caterers takes HCS students on a tour 

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. T.S.Elliot
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