Maps Vocabulary

Legend/key - explains what each symbol on the map represents
Scale - Shows how much a map has been reduced from the area it represents. Tells what each distance on the map represents in real life.
Compass rose - Shows where each of the cardinal directions are (N, S, E or W).
Cartographer - a person who makes maps; a mapmaker 
Relative Location is describing where something is in relation to something else.  This description can change depending on how you are looking at the location.  
For Example:  Lake Erie is located north of Cleveland, Ohio but south of Canada.  
Absolute Location - the exact spot on earth where two lines of longitude and latitude intersect.  This location can be more accurate than relative location because it is an exact spot is not affected by relative features. 
Students will be able to locate an absolute location on a map using latitude and longitude lines.  They will also be able to use latitude lines to determine a climate of a region of the world.  
Pangea - It was a supercontinent from the Mesozoic and Paleozoic eras
Longitude - Imaginary lines that run north and south and measure west and east of the prime meridian.
Latitude - Imaginary lines that run west and east and measure north and south of the equator
Hemisphere - half of a sphere
Prime Meridian - an imaginary vertical line. It will always be at 0° longitude.
Equator - an imaginary horizaontal line drawn around the middle of the earth. The equator will always be at 0° latitude
Parallels - another name for latitude lines lines
Meridians - another name for longitude lines
Climate - weather in a place over a long period of time
Tropic of Cancer - 23.5°N; northern border of the Tropical area around the equator
Tropic of Capricorn - 23.5°S; southern border of the Tropical area around the equator
International Date Line - 180° longitude; where days begin
Time zones - 24 hours in a day = 24 different time zones, which are based on segments of longitude  
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