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Class Description:

Welcome to Mrs. Potts's Web Page

6th Grade Mathematics
Trailblazer Team

Education Background:
· Miami University, 1981 - 1987: Bachelor of
Science in Education

· Kent State University, 1992- 1994: Master of Arts- Math Clinician

Class Expectations:
Students are expected to put forth their best effort possible each
and everyday! They are expected to come to class prepared and ready to learn! . Homework is assigned daily as practice to deepen students' understanding of the learning targets taught in class.

Class News

Prime Time- Factors and Multiples
Learning Targets:
  •  I can find all the factors of any whole number.
  •  I can identify and define a prime and composite number.
  • I can find multiples for any whole number.
  • I can identify a square and a cubed number.
  • I can find the GCF for any two or three whole numbers.
  • I can solve story problems involving GCF.
  • I can find the LCM for any two or three whole numbers.
  •  I can solve story problems involving LCM.
  • I can use prime factorization to find GCF.
  •  I can use prime factorization to find LCM
  • I understand exponents and can use them in prime factorization.
  •  I can use the distributive property to express the sum of two whole numbers 1 - 100.
  • I can solve problems using order of operations.
  • Homework Assignments

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