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Embedded Image for:  (parentscenteredbanner.gif) The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL)is focused on promoting the social emotional development and school readiness of young children birth to age 5. On this page you will find articles on teaching your child feelings, routines, play skills, and understanding your child's behavior.
This is a guide (PDF) for preschool parents from the US Department of Education.
Ways to Praise

1. Way-to-go!
You're special.
You're on your way.
4. How smart!
5. Good Job!
6. Good for you!
7. You're a winner.
8. Terrific!
9. Great discovery.
10. I trust you.
11. You're exciting.
12. You're so sweet.
13. You make my life complete.
14. You're so heavenly.
15. Bravo!
16. Super!
17. Outstanding!
18. Great!
19. Wow!
20. That's amazing!
21. How nice.
22. That's incredible!
23. You're adorable.
24. Dynamite!
25. Beautiful work.
26. Remarkable job.
27. Nothing can stop you now.
28. You're beautiful.
29. You're one-of-a-kind.
30. You're so creative.
31. Great work!
32. Fantastic job!
33. Phenomenal!
34. You are so important.
35. You figured it out.
36. Hip! Hip! Hooray!
37. You did that very well.
38. Good learning!
39. You're a good listener.
40. You're are so much fun.
41. You're caring.
42. You tried very hard.
43. Wonderful sharing.
44. You're a treasure.
45. Awesome!
46. You're wonderful.
47. You're A-OK!
48. You made my day.
49. Say, "Thank you".
50. You have a great sense of humor.

51. Good!
52. You make me happy.
53. You're incredible.
54. You're on target.
55. Looking good.
56. I knew you could do it.
57. I'm proud of you.
58. Well done!
59. Marvelous!
60. Exceptional performance.
61. You're a real trooper.
62. You are so responsible.
63. What a great imagination.
64. You belong.
65. That's right.
66. Now you've got it!
67. You're catching on.
68. You're on top of it.
69. Nice work!
70. Excellent!
71. That's remarkable.
72. Beautiful!
73. You're precious.
74. Magnificent!
75. Super work!
76. You're a good friend.
77. You mean a lot to me.
78. That's the best.
79. Give them a big hug.
80. You've discovered the secret.
81. You're spectacular.
82. You're a darling.
83. I like you.
84. You're fantastic.
85. Neat!
86. That's good manners.
87. Bingo!
88. You're growing up.
89. You're getting better.
90. You brighten my day.
91. That's perfect.
92. You're such a joy.
93. You're so kissable.
94. You have a wonderful smile.
95. You make me feel good.
96. You work hard.
97. Good thinking!
98. Good planning!
99. You're a good helper.
100. Say, "I LOVE YOU!" -often!
I would like to encourage each of you, as parents and guardians, to work WITH your children on the internet. If you would like to see what sites are safe for your children click here: Enjoy your time as a family on the websites below.







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