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This course presents a general survey of the field of psychology, emphasizing natural and social science principles. Students will discover various influences on integrated behavior, including culture, environment, social setting, heredity, and physiology. This introduction to psychology will also include topics such as history of psych, biology, sleep, emotion, disorders, sensation, perception, memory, social psychology, basic processes in learning, problem solving and thinking. Students will learn psychological concepts, processes and theories as well as skills in using basic psychological terminology. More importantly, students will develop a better understanding of the self and others, and be able to apply their new knowledge to real life issues.
All test corrections are to be completed during a lunch, study hall, or before/after school.  Do not plan on being given class time to do this.  
**If you are absent on a test day, you do not get to make test corrections.  The test must be made up during a lunch or study hall, or before/after school.  If a pattern of absences on test days becomes established, you may start receiving all essay make up tests, to protect test integrity. ** 
No credit will be given for late work that is more than 1 DAY LATELate work will be assessed at 50% credit.

Weekly Schedule

Week of 3/19 - 3/23
Monday 3/19: Notes: Rules of Visual Organization
Brain Games: Illusion Confusion 
Tuesday 3/20: Notes: Rules of Visual Organization
Brain Games: Seeing is Believing
Wednesday 3/21: Test Review
Thursday 3/22: TEST: Senses and Perception
Friday 3/23: Video: Brain Man
Week of 3/12 - 3/16
Monday 3/12: Notes: Eye and Vison
Brain Games: In Living Color
Tuesday 3/13: Notes: Ear and Hearing
Brain Games: Echolocation
Wednesday 3/14: Notes: Pain, Chemical Senses
Thursday 3/15: Perception Vocabulary
Friday 3/16: Perception Vocabulary


The Senses Article Questions
TEST: Senses and Perception
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