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Current Unit: Nature of Science

The 6th Grade All Star students will start the year off by designing and conducting controlled experiments.  In this unit, 6th graders will develop their observation skills, identify variables in experiments, create testable hypotheses, create data tables and graphs, analyze data and write conclusions based on their experiment.

6th graders will also use tools/instruments to gather data using the metric system.

Please check class files/links (Science Inquiry Unit) to review vocabulary, play games, and take practice assessments

Scientific Inquiry

    Nature of Science

    =         I can design and conduct a controlled experiment.

    =         I can make qualitative and quantitative observations.

    =         I can identify independent, dependent, and controlled variables.

    =         I can create a testable hypothesis using an If, then, because statement.

    =         I can create a data table and graph to collect and display data.

    =         I can think critically and logically to connect evidence and explanations.

    =         I can use appropriate mathematics (metric system), tools, and techniques to gather data and information (mass, volume, distance, and temperature).

    =         I can analyze and interpret data to make a conclusion.

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