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Homework: Cell Summative next Thursday, April 26th

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 Current Unit: Cells
All Star students are currently using microscopes to view prepared slides.  In addition to using microscopes, students will be expected to know the function of cell organelles, the difference between a plant and an animal cell, the cell theory, the difference between a prokaryotic and a eukaryotic cell, and the organization of living things. 
Please check my web page for cells on line practice games and a practice quizzes. 

Cell I can statements

  • I can explain the modern cell theory.
  • I can explain the function of a variety of organelles.
  • I can compare and contrast an animal and a plant cell and explain why they have those differences.
  • I can explain how an organisms parts function as a whole to perform the tasks necessary for the survival of the organism (cell - tissues - organs - organ systems, and whole organisms.)
  • I can explain mitosis. 
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