Mathematics Course of Study
The curriculum for mathematics in Mayfield is based on Ohio's New Learning Standards (OLNS). These standards were developed as part of a multi-state effort. The Ohio Achievement Assements measure a student's progress toward achieving these standards in grades 3 through 8. The Ohio Graduation Test measures achievement in grade 10. Passage of the OGT is a graduation requirement. For this reason, instruction in Mathematics is closely aligned to the ONLS. You can access the standards at the link below.

Ohio New Learning Standards

Throughout the curriculum K-12, mathematics content is presented in a way that requires students to construct their own knowledge about math. This approach includes some direct instruction, guided discovery, discussion, and reflection.

Mathematics Series
Elementary: Investigations K-5
Middle School: Connected Math 6-8
High School: Core-Plus Math 9-12




Standards for Mathematics
K-8 Standards Progression
Standards are vertically aligned in this document to show how a student progresses through each grade level on a certain standard.
K-8 Critical Areas of Focus
Teachers will find the focus areas for each grade level within this document.
K-8 Critical Areas of Focus Progression
Critical Focus areas are vertically articulated in this doument.
Standards for Mathematical Practices
This file contains information about the skills a student needs to be a strong math thinker.