Student Health Services

Welcome to Student Health Services.  Health Services are managed by Carol Inniss, BSN, RN, who is a certified school nurse with many years of experience in nursing, pediatrics and school health.  Our school clinics are staffed through the school day by healthcare paraprofessionals.  Our goal is to assist students with health issues that impact their participation in the education program.


If your student will require medication during the school day or has a health condition that will require special care during the upcoming school year, please select the appropriate form to the right, download and print.  After these forms have been completed by you and your healthcare provider, they can be returned to the school via fax.  If you would prefer, you can bring the forms in to the school Clinic.  If you have questions about this process or how your student's situation will be managed at school, please contact Mrs. Inniss.

Carol Inniss, BSN, RN, School Nurse                                                           440-995-6903

There have been several news stories in the last few weeks about cases of measles, mumps and whooping cough (pertussis) in Ohio and even  locally.  Click on these links for information on these vaccine-preventable diseases.

Watch these videos for information on head lice:      






Maturation/Adolescence Resource List
Resource List
Management of Head Lice
When Students are Ill
Health Notes
Students with Asthma
Authorization to Administer Medication
If school staff need to give your child asthma medication
Asthma Action Plan
description of steps to follow in assisting your student with asthma
Authorization to self-administer an inhaler
If your child can use his inhaler without assistance from school staff
Students who require tube feedings
Students who require tube feedings
Physician's Statement of Exam
Preschool Physical Form
Eye Specialist Report
if your child has been referred for a vision examination
IEP Eye Exam Report
Eye exam performed for an Individualized Education Plan
Physician's Statement of Exam
Requested for students K-12 new to the district
Health Screenings
Eye Specialist Report
if your child has been referred for a vision examination
Immunization Information for School Attendance
Immunization Requirements 2014-15
TDaP requirement for next year's 7th graders
Immunization Requirements 2013-14
Seizure management in school
Seizure Management Plan
Instructions for staff on the care of your student
Allergy Information
Information for Middle/High School Parents
Allergy Action Plan
for students with life-threatening allergies
Allergy Info for Elementary Parents
Medications in School
Asthma Action Plan
If your healthcare provider is prescribing medication for your child's asthma
Mayfield Medication Information
Medication Authorization for Medications to be given in school
Self-administration of Asthma Inhaler
Diabetes Management
Diabetes Management Plan