Math Contests

Practice for the American Mathematics Competition! 
2010 AMC 10 Problems
2010 AMC 10 Solutions
2011 AMC 10 Problems
2011 AMC 10 Solutions

2010 AMC 12 Problems
2010 AMC 12 Solutions
2011 AMC 12 Problems
2011 AMC 12 Solutions

Congratulations to the following winners of the AMC 2013!
Kelcie Coffey
Evan House
George Hawkins
Jarod Bucceri
Kent Lui
Leah Pickner

Practice for the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics Contest!
OCTM website

Congratulations to the following Top-Scoring students on the OCTM contest 2013!
Owen Gagliardo
Joey El-Hage
Anna Rothstein
Michelle Holodny

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