Mark Cegelski
Transportation Director

It is the mission of the Mayfield City School District Transportation Department to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation services for every student we serve.

The Mayfield City School District Transportation Department works closely with schools, students and their parents to ensure a safe, dependable and efficient ride to and from school.

Currently, Mayfield's drivers transport approximately 2,500 students daily to over 20 public and non-public schools with 59 buses and 3 vans.   The Transportation Department is responsible for transporting eligible students who live in Mayfield Heights, Highland Heights, Mayfield Village or Gates Mills Village.   Our vehicles travel an average of 2600 miles per day completing regular am/pm school runs, field trips, athletic and extracurricular  trips.

Mayfield drivers are trained and certified according to state mandates.  Our drivers are also required to pass all state and federal background checks.



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