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Abbott, Timothy W
Cust Elem Head Day
Adams, Dawn
MICKEY Teacher
Algeri, Thomas A
Cust HS Asst Head Day/Pool Op
Ambrogio, Michele M
Secretary IIA Extended
Ambrose, Alicia
2nd Grade Teacher
Ancell, Barbara J
Science Teacher
Antonelli, Rosalba M
Paraprofessional (BM)
Archacki, Nancy A
Second Grade Teacher
Argie, Gabrielle M
Secretary IIA
Arhar, Kandice A
Job Trainer
Armstrong, Melissa M
Early Educ of Handicapped Teacher
Assing Schroeder, Jeanne M
Spec Ed Teacher-LDBD
Atanasiu, Brian G
Cust Asst Head Mechanical
Axel, Diane L
School Psychologist
Baer, Jacqueline
Tutor - SpecEd
Bailey, Christine
Healthcare Paraprofessional
Baizel, David L
Bus Driver
Bakeman, Wende J
Family & Consumer Science Teacher
Balluh, Robert P
Custodian Class I
Balzano, Bruce C
Bus Driver
Bandiera, Ross C
Cognitive Disability Teacher
Barnes, Laverne
Job Trainer
Barnes, Michael J
Asst Supt & Dir of Personnel
Baron, Robert M
Custodian Class I - PT
Barteld, Alice
Paraprofessional (SNA)
Barth, Kristin L
Third Grade Teacher
Albert J. Bartucci
Bartucci, Albert J.
English Teacher
Born in innercity Chicago in 1950.  I attended St. Ignatius College Prep and matriculated to Marquette University graduating with a B.A in English and Political Science.  I drove trucks for most of my high school and summer breaks.  I moved to Clevlenad in the 70's and worked in commercial banking as a lolan officer.  When most of the banks were merging I went back to school and was certified in teaching at John Carroll.  I later earned a Master's at Ahland in Teaching and Instruction.  I have workeed at St. Ignatius H.S, John Hay H.S, Euclid H.S. and Mayfield.  Along the way I have also coached soccer, baseball and ice hockey. Between my gorgious wife Jennifer and I we have 6 children and two grandchildren, and over the last five years we have travelled quite aa bit in Europe particularly Italy.
Baucco, Rachel
Bus Driver
Baucco, Rachel
Building Monitor
Bean, Sandra
6-8 Gifted Intervention Specialist
Beard, Patricia Corrado
Reading Intervention Spec
Beck, Edward A
Social Studies Teacher
Becka, Lisa M
Payroll Clerk V
Bednar, Sheri A
Custodian Class I
Beery, Kari P
English Teacher
Belfiore, Theresa J
Food Service - FT
Bender, Tammi L
Literacy Specialist
Benvenuto, Carla J
Second Grade Teacher
Benyaminov, Edward
Mayfield DMP Student
Berardinelli, Lenore A
Bus Driver
Berkowitz, Rachel D
Speech & Hearing Therapist
Bishko, Nathan W
Director of HS Excel TECC
Bitner, Sara
Job Trainer
Bitonti, Shelley R
Paraprofessional (SNA)
Blackburn, Joseph D
Cust Uility/Stadiums and Grounds
Blaney, Carla
Blood, Laurel A
Bobinski, Pamela L.
School Counselor
Bodnovich, LuAnn
Paraprofessional (SNA)
Bokar-Hyland, Jennifer M
Gifted Specialist