Caring Actively Together: Initiative promotes positive behavior, kindness

CAT Band Stories-

  • One student knew her classroom was running out of pencils, so she bought new ones and sharpened them over the weekend to donate to her classroom.
  • A fourth-grader donated several chapter books to her classroom library.
  • A certain high school student always shares a smile and an extra hand with the office staff.
  • An elementary student now plays with the other kids at recess after a classmate taught him to play basketball.

Caring Actively Together: Mayfield Academic Boosters announce CAT band initiative to promote kindness among all students in grades K-12

“Every student has the right to come to school without the distraction of bullying,” said Therese Razzante, president of the Mayfield Academic Boosters.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Razzante, the Mayfield Academic Boosters recently announced its CAT band project which has been organized in response to school shootings and bullying.

CAT stands for “Caring Actively Together.” The initiative encourages students and staff to recognize kind behavior which is then rewarded with a green band bracelet inscribed with the words, “For the Love of Mayfield.”

“We are striving for an atmosphere of kindness, respect and academic excellence,” said Mrs. Razzante, a mother of six whose children either attend or graduated from Mayfield . “Actively caring and paying it forward are both positive actions that can change a culture. That’s our goal – for the Love of Mayfield.”

Based on Virginia Tech’s “Actively Caring 4 People” program, the Mayfield initiative is primarily directed toward elementary and middle school students. The bands will be passed out randomly at the high school.

The Academic Boosters purchased 2,500 bands which have been delivered to all school buildings. During the four–week program, students will recognize positive behavior by writing a note and giving it their teacher when they see a classmate doing something kind or caring. Both students will be awarded a green CAT band which they will have the honor to wear for a day. Teachers will share the notes and letters in the classroom with the expectation that all students will earn a bracelet through their positive behavior and acts of kindness.

“We decided to have a proactive approach against bullying behavior,” Mrs. Razzante said. “We’re asking students to tell on the good behavior they see.”

CAT band program

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