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Welcome to Mrs. Potts's Web Page

6th Grade Mathematics
Trailblazer Team

Education Background:
      ·   Miami University, 1981 - 1987: Bachelor of 
   Science in Education
·   Kent State University, 1992- 1994: Master of Arts- Math Clinician




Class Expectations: 
Students are expected to put forth their best effort possible each
and everyday! They are expected to come to class prepared and ready to learn! . Homework is assigned daily as practice to deepen students' understanding of the learning targets taught in class.


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  • Summative- Adding and Subtracting Fractions

    The next summative will be 1/15/2014

    The summative assesses the students understanding of addition and subtraction of fractions.


    Students will also be required to simplify fractions, change fractions from mixed numbers to imrproper fractions and change improper fractions to mixed numbers.

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