Grading System

District Grading System

Help your child focus on their learning and progress and not their
If your child scores a NP (NotProficient) on a Checkpoint ask, “What did you learn from your mistakes?” Help them use words to explain their knowledge, give them positive feedback for admitting what they have not
mastered and point out how much they have grown. Celebrate learning!

S Satisfactory

U Unsatisfactory (might need to redo the assignment)

Checkpoints are ways teachers check for student understanding (ex: observation, quiz, classroom activities, journals,
etc.) These are used to monitor academic growth. Based on the results of these
checkpoints, interventions and enrichments will be provided as needed prior to
the end of the unit. A written checkpoint is like a quiz on an “I Can…” statement—a learning goal for the
Do Checkpoints count? They “count” and are important but the score your child earns does not factor into the final grade. Written checkpoints are
scored as follows:

P   Proficient

NP Not Proficient
Level of Understanding 1
The student demonstrates partial understanding of the simpler details that support grade level expectations.

Level of Understanding 2 The student demonstrates understanding of the simpler details that support the grade level expectations.

Level of Understanding 3
The student is meeting 4th grade expectations. He/she demonstrates no major errors or omissions.

Level of Understanding 4
The student demonstrates in-depth inferences and applications of the learning goal(s) that go beyond what
is taught

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