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MIllridge Halloween 2017
Tuesday, October 31st will be a very exciting day for your child. Many activities are planned to make this a memorable and safe occasion for all students thanks to our staff, PTG and room parents.

The traditional Costume Parade will begin at 1:30 p.m. Please become familiar with our parade procedures outlined below. All families will be notified of the location of the parade (outdoors or inside) through Infinite Campus.

Costume Expectations

- Costumes need to be easy to put on and should be brought in a bag to school. Students will have time to change into costumes prior to the party. Please keep in mind that in many cases the costume will be going over clothing already worn to school on this day.
- Masks are allowed during the parade, but need to be removed during the parties.
- We request that all adults assisting with the parties wear normal clothing and not wear costumes.
- Appropriate costumes are allowed at Millridge. Please use your judgement when determining if a costume is too scary.
- Minimal make-up can be put on prior to arriving at school, but should not cause a disruption to instruction during the day. Whole face make-up should be saved until night-time trick-or-treating.
- Weapons that accompany costumes should remain at home and are not permitted in school.

Parade Procedures

Our parade beginning at 1:30 p.m. will circle around the building starting from our pre-school entrance/exit facing Millridge Road. It will proceed around the building towards our playground area to the sidewalk in front of the gym and cafeteria and head towards the main building entrance. To finish, the parade will wrap around the building near our bus drop-off area, where students will re-enter through the doors leading to our main hallway. Parents are welcome to select a spot to view the parade, but should not arrive prior to 1:10 p.m.

Should precipitation occur on the day of the parade parents will be permitted to enter our gym doors and watch the students pass through our gym before they head back to their rooms for their Halloween party. Parents may enter the gym beginning at 1:10 p.m. with the parade starting at 1:30.

Party Procedures

All Party Volunteers must enter through our gym door (#4) and check in with our PTG. All volunteer's names will be verified with the PTG volunteer list. Due to the high number of expected visitors, only room parents may enter the building for classroom parties followingthe parade. No visitor's will be permitted to enter through the main doors(#6)or through the preschool entrance/exit (#1)

Refreshments provided by the PTG will be served following the parade.

A Fall Harvest Party (for those not celebrating Halloween) will be held in our cafeteria beginning at 1:15 p.m. and finish in our library. PTG volunteers and Mr. Drozd will assist with this party.

We would also like to thank our PTG for coordinating the food/drink for your child. It is not necessary for food to be sent in with your child. Food sent in will not be distributed during or following the party.

In closing, please remember that safety is of upmost concern. Our celebrations are one of the busiest days for parking and traffic. Please also follow the standard parent pick-up routine on this day. Thank you very much for your attention to all of the above procedures.