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Pizza Roma is the Proud Sponsor of MHS Wildcat Student of the Month!

Mayfield High School Staff members like to recognize students who depict “The Wildcat Way.”

Each month a department will collaborate and choose a student to be “The Wildcat Student of the Month.” Our Student of the Month is featured on our school’s website and receives a free pizza from Pizza Roma. 

This month, the World Languages Department would like to nominate, junior, Alex Grosman for the Wildcat Student of the Month.

In Spanish 3 Honors, Alex has always inspired other students by his bell-to-bell input and has been a mentor to other students around him by making mini lessons for those in need to review the content. Because his classmates appreciate his energy and effort, Alex stands out as a very solid, dependable, responsible individual with high standards in the areas of character, service and instructional leadership.

In French 4 Honors, Alex is truly a star. He is extremely cerebral and goes beyond the expectations in the classroom.  Alex is the first to volunteer and articulate his thoughts in the French language. 

Alex is an irreplaceable student and individual that contributes to the entire school atmosphere as he is always committed to our students and our school. Overall, Alex is an amazing asset simply because he influences an entire student body.     

Congratulations, Alex, on being the May Wildcat Student of the month!