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On Friday 12 May 2017, the CADD/Construction Trades annual Open House was held at Mayfield High School. This year's theme was 'The Shoppes at Excel TECC' and featured stores set up for various Excel TECC programs. Medical Technologies ran a clinic with blood pressure screenings, ITP ran a 'pawn' shop featuring the history of technology, Environmental Education ran a Nature Shop, Culinary Arts ran a snack shop, Studio Art & Design set up an art gallery, Cosmetology ran a salon, CADD set up an engineering shop, Interactive Media set up a caricature station, TEACH ran a child care area and Construction Trades ran a 'Build-a-Burger' shop. The day started with a presentation by CADD students on the process of designing and drafting the homes and their collaboration with the Construction Trades students who followed the blueprints to build the houses. CADD also provided CNC shop signs.

*Wesley Family Foundation * Chas. Svec, Inc.
* Best Buy Painting
* Koltcz Block
* W F Hann & Sons
* Northeast Ohio Carpenters' Union
* Ohio-Kentucky Bricklayers' Union
* Northeast Ohio Electrical Union

...for their support, donations and contributions. Thank you to all guests who attended.
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Posted Friday, May 19, 2017