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Besides of course being proud parents, .  .  .  as this most recent school year soon comes to an end,  .  .  .  I thought that all of you might also appreciate the fact that our son, Steven Drop, was recently included as part of an article written in The News-Herald, after being sworn into the Willoughby Hills Fire Department as now becoming a fulltime staff member.

The article, which actually became the headline of the newspaper, has actually drawn attention to the overall “firefighting community” relative to the apparent need to better serve the communities by employing more fulltime staff members as opposed to fire departments being comprised of much more part-time fireman employees.

Although unfortunately not noted in the article, as administrators and educators, I thought that you may appreciate reading about a Mayfield High School Class of 2015, EXCEL Technical Education Career Consortium Public Safety Academy - Fire/EMT Graduate, who really after only one (1) full year of additional training to furthermore become a Certified Paramedic, (training of which actually remains forever ongoing), has remained economically successfully employed in the combined Highland Hills, Willoughby Hills, Highland Heights and Mayfield Village Fire Departments for the past three (3) years.

And now, as a fulltime member of the Willoughby Hills Fire Department, can furthermore begin collecting a pension for his service to the local community.

Thank you for all of your hard work contributing with making this all possible for our son.

Also Mayfield High School Graduates, 1984 and 1983, respectively,

Michael and Rita [Carlone] Drop