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UPDATE: A Call to Action for Ohio Schools Fair Funding Plan

A LETTER FROM SUPERINTENDENT KEITH KELLY: A Call to Action for Ohio Schools Fair Funding Plan

May 13, 2019        
Dear Mayfield Staff, Families and Citizens,      
      The House passed the budget bill.      
      Thank you for your continued voices as we push to influence state and federal education legislation. Today, the House passed the budget bill for the Ohio Schools Fair Funding Plan. The Senate will vote on the bill next which will be an uphill climb. Once again, I am asking that you consider this important proposal that could positively impact school funding.        
      I ask you that you consider supporting the proposed, new Ohio Schools Fair Funding Plan for Ohio’s schools. This plan is sponsored by State Representatives Bob Cupp (R) and John Patterson (D). This bipartisan approach to fix school funding in Ohio included educators from around the state. While the plan is not perfect, it does address many of the issues and burdens surrounding the current school funding formula.        
      If passed, our school district will see a modest increase in per student state funding. This Fair Funding Plan change would amount to a $200 dollar increase per Mayfield student during each of the next two school years (2019-20/2020-21). This would mean a state revenue increase of approximately $400,000 for Mayfield City Schools over the next two years, totaling $800,000.        
      Please click on the link below for more detailed information.      
       You can support the Fair Funding Plan by contacting your representatives. Please click on the links below and send them an email stating you support for the Ohio Schools Fair Funding Plan.        
Sample Message:      
Dear ( INSERT Representative Name),          
My name is ________________ and I am a (parent, teacher, tax payer, etc.) who lives in the Mayfield City School District. Reps. Cupp (R) and Patterson (D) have recently introduced their Fair School Funding plan. That plan would make a very positive difference in funding for the Mayfield City School District, especially since it begins the process of eliminating the funding limitations that have penalized our school district for years. I urge you to support this important plan!        
Sincerely,   (Insert your name and contact information)                
Senator Kenny Yuko  
Ohio Senate District 25                
Representative Juanita Brent
Ohio House District 12                
Senator Matt Dolan  
Ohio Senate District 24      
Thank you for your consideration.    
Dr. Keith Kelly, Superintendent  
Mayfield City Schools