Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations



*All Students must be to class on time, and will be given an extra two minutes to get their music/instruments out for rehearsal.

*All Students must have an instrument, books, music, and pencil with them for every class

*All Students must attend all advisory rehearsals when they are scheduled. These rehearsals are the only chances we get to perform as a whole group before performances.

*All Students must have enough reeds, oil, and grease for their appropriate instrument. Mayfield does not provide them. All Sax and Clarinet players must at least 3 reeds at all times in their case, Trumpet/Baritone players must have enough valve oil at all times, Trombones must have enough slide grease at all time, and percussion must have sticks and mallets at all times.

*There will be no gum chewing or eating candy of any kind while rehearsing!

*Locks must be on lockers at all times before and after rehearsals as Mayfield will not be responsible for an instrument stolen or damaged if it is not locked in a locker!

If a student does following the classroom expectations below the following consequences will be in order:

1. First Offense --Warning

2. Second Offense -- Phone Call Home

3. Third and Subsequent Offenses – A.M. Detention or Advisory Detention with Mr. Palermo.

These rules are put into place to help guide and direct your child towards achieving success. They need to have their equipment for class every class period. In the case of a repair I would ask the music store for a loaner and if they do not have one to give please just bring me a note from the store that the instrument is being repaired and no consequence will be issued.

Students who fail to bring an instrument to class will be provided with an alternate written assignment to complete during the class period. This will hold them accountable for their learning while at the same time give them something to work on so they do not become a distraction in the classroom to the rest of the students.

Parents were made aware of these rules and regulations in a letter that went home on the opening day of school. They also have to sign a sheet saying they understand the rules and regulations and have it turned in to me by September 8, 2015.

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