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  1. Unit 4-1 is our current unit. You’ll want to start preparing for a Unit 4-1 quiz, which will take place at the end of next week. See my web site for a link that will help you study the vocabulary and imperfect tense verbs…

  2. # 64, 66 and 69 are great lessons and practices for the imperfect tense. I also recommend that you google “Imperfect tense in Spanish” and “preterite vs. imperfect in Spanish”, and use the other sites as references as well.

  3. Unit 4-1 is on my page (jturk999).

  4. University of Texas Listening Comprehension site- google “University of Texas Listening”. Go to Intermediate A or B and find something that interests you. First, use no subtitles, then listen 1 or 2 times with the subtitles in Spanish. You can use the English to look up words that you don’t know.

  5. great grammar review site.

  6. another great verb review site.

  7. Below is the BEST site that you can use to get fluent in Spanish…you can start simple and increase the difficulty as your skills improve…


  1. click on VIDEO and listen to stories of interest in Spanish. You can also read about world news as well.

  2. this is an AMAZING site for Reading and listening comprehension, but you will need to purchase a subscription for it.

Objectives for the weeks of 10-2 , 10-9 and 10-16

In the next 3 weeks, the students will master the vocabulary that deals with items at a market and shopping, as well as the following grammar points: irregular preterite tense verbs, and using "Hace...que" to talk about how long you've been doing an activity. They will also read a short story in the Spanish language, answer questions in Spanish about it, and take part in a class discussion in Spanish.
For Tuesday, 10-3, please complete the Hace...que sheet that we started today in class. 
For Wednesday, 10-4, please complete page 19 in the preterite packet that was given to you last week.
Your research paper on the effect of the European Union on Spain is due Thursday, 10-5. 
For Friday, 10-6, please complete  page 20 in the preterite packet that was given to you last week.
For Monday, 10-9, please complete the last page of the preterite packet that was given to you last week.
There will be a Unit 3 (Both 3-1 and 3-2) listening comprehension test AND an essay (in class) test on Tuesday, 10-10. In the essay, you'll have to talk about a shopping experience that you had in 4 different stores last month. You'll need to talk about how much the items cost, what they were made of, what color they were, what the store clerk was like, and what your conversation with him/her was about (?Me deja ver...?, Pase, Disculpe, etc.).The essay is worth 30 point and the listening comprehension is worth 20.Please note...I have changed the dates of the Unit 3-1 Test...I have CANCELLED the essay (just too much testing next week, and you already wrote an essay in Unit 3-1). Also, the grammar/vocabulary test has been changed to Tuesday, 10-10. On Thursdsay, 10-12, you will take the listening comprehension test only. 
There will be a  Unit 3 (Both 3-1 and 3-2) vocabulary and grammar test on Thursday, 10-12. You'll need to know all vocabulary and grammar from both of these units. This test will be worth 64 points.
There will be a speaking test over BOTH Unit 3-1 and 3-2 question sheets on Monday, 10-16. Please make sure to be prepared to have a conversation about all of the stores, articles, materials, etc. that we've been studying. This test will be worth 40 points.
On Wednesday, 10-18, you will have a 10 point quiz over chapter 2 of Momentos Hispanos (Mexico and the story "Promesa Cumpida"). You will need to read the story and answer the questions Seleccion, Cierto o Falso, Para Completar and Para Contestar. You will turn your questions in on Wednesday, 10-18 as well. 
After the quiz, I will have an informal speaking activity with BOTH groups of students in the classroom (Regular and Honors) about the story. These discussions will occur separately, with the group not speaking working on their Chromebooks in the common area outside of our classroom. 
FINALLY, Honors will be requred to read one extra short story per quarter this school year. The first of these is found in chapter 5 (Los Chicanos). You'll need to read the story and answer the first 4 sets of questions that follow. As always, there will be a short quiz and a class discussion based on the story. 
This is due Wednesday, October 25. 
Have a great 3 weeks!!!

Objectives for the weeks of 10-23 and 10-30

In the next 2 weeks, the students will master the vocabulary that deals with legends and story telling, as well as the following grammar points: the imperfect tense and how to know when to use the imperfect vs. the preterite tense.
For Monday, 10-23, please complete pages 148 and 151 in the workbook.
For Tuesday, 10-24, please complete pages 149 and 152 in the workbook.
For Wednesday, 10-24, please complete page 150 and 153 in the workbook.
On Friday, October 26, there will be a 30 point quiz over The Imperfect Tense and the vocabulary found in the sections "Characters", "Events" and "Descriptions" on your vocabulary sheet. The first word is "El dios" and the last word is "Brave".
***Honors Students- Chapter 5 in Momentos Hispanos is due Wednesday,  10-24 as well. Make sure you read the intro and then the story "El Triunfo Del Campeon", and answer the first 4 sets of questions that follow. There will be a quiz and class discussion based on the material presented.
Have a great 2 weeks!!!

Fairy Tale Project due Friday, December 8


For Friday, December 8, you will either give me a flash drive or put in my drop folder a video that you create (groups of 2-6). This video will be your group acting out a cuento de hadas or a leyenda that your group writes and acts out. This video will be 50 seconds per person, which means that a group of 2 will take 100 seconds, or 1 minute and 40 seconds, and a group of 5 will be 250 seconds, or 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

The first thing that you need to do is write the script…in order to do this, you will use the vocabulary in 4-1 and 4-2. You’ll also use the preterite and imperfect tenses to talk about what happened in the past.

To start, you’ll need to refer to p. 213 in the text book to write your story, using the prompts and rubric. You’ll write this together with your group, using vocabulary from pages 217 and 241. You’ll want to make your story longer than the 10-15 sentences that they ask for…if your group has 5 people in it, you’ll have to make it at least 30 sentences.

You’ll use words like guerrero, princesa, enemigo, luchar, pelear, Hermosa, valiente, fuerte, el dios, casarse, joven, héroe, heroína, transformar, hace muchos siglos, había una vez, la narración, tener celos, casarse, estar enamorado/a, la batalla, la Guerra, la pirámide, el objeto, cazar, construir, entre, frente a, seguir derecho, a la derecha, a la izquierda, la civilización, etc.

Once you’ve written your leyenda, I’ll grade it and make corrections, then you’ll be set to record. I STRONGLY recommend that you record during Thanksgiving break. This will be due a week after this break ends, and I guarantee that your teachers will be pushing hard to finish all their tests before the semester ends less than 2 weeks later.

Please don’t feel like you have to create all new characters and all new fairy tales…you can do a prequel to Shrek or How to Train Your Dragon…anything…just be creative!!!!!!

Let me know if you have any questions about this…for a good example of a leyenda, see the link below…

FYI, although this is a good link, I don’t want you to follow this format completely. You can have a narrator, but I want the characters to actually be talking and using all this Spanish while they’re acting it out.

_____out of 20 points…Essay- see the rubric on p. 213.

Excellent will be worth 18-20 points…

Good will be worth 14 and 17 points…

Needs work will be worth 9-13 points…

______out of 50 points…The video itself. The breakdown is as follows:

Content: 18-20 points 14-17 points 9-13 points

Excellent Your use of verbs and Good Your use of verbs and Needs work Your use of verbs

rich vocabulary make this an vocabulary are sufficient for and vocabulary are lacking and

excellent presentation of a legend. This project. Don’t sufficiently tell a story

Communication: 18-20 points 14-17 points 9-13 points

Excellent Your acting out of the Good Your acting out of the Needs work Your acting out of

Legend is easily followed by the legend is fairly easy to follow the story is difficult to follow by

Audience and it tells the story by the audience and the audience and doesn’t tell

Completely. Somewhat tells the story. A complete story.

Accuracy: 18-20 points 14-17 points 9-13 points

Excellent You correctly and Good You correctly and Needs work You often used

appropriately use the appropriately use the the preterite and imperfect

preterite and imperfect preterite and imperfect tenses incorrectly, and many

tenses, your pronunciation tenses most of the time, of your words and phrases

of all words and phrases is and most of your words are used incorrectly.

correct. And phrases are correct.

Answers to Semester 1 Final Exam Review

AP Tips

Here is the link to the Learnerator site...I strongly recommend that you start acting upon these tips right now...



For Monday, 11-16, please complete p. 154 in the workbook.

For Tuesday, 11-17, please complete p. 155 in the workbook.

For Wednesday, 11-18, please complete p. 156 in the workbook.
For Thursday, 11-19, please complete p. 162 in the workbook.
There will be a test on Monday, 11-23 over all vocabulary in unit 4-1, as well as how/when to use the preterite and the imperfect tenses together in the same sentence. This test will be worth 45 points.  
Finally, your Fairy Tale video will be due (either in my drop box or on a flash drive) Tuesday, 12-8.  
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