A Letter from Superintendent Keith Kelly & the Board of Education - Racial Injustice and Our Values

June 5, 2020

Dear Mayfield Families and Community,

The unbreakable foundation of our communities and schools has always been and always will be the care we have for one another. Time and time again, the Mayfield community has come together to lend a hand, fundraise and provide support through tough times. During the past months of this pandemic, we have joined together to look in on neighbors, provide meals to those in need, pray for those who are sick, and care for our students. 

It is time to unite again around another issue. The issue of racism. It is time to stand in solidarity in support of all those who are heartbroken and saddened over the senseless death of George Floyd. Mr. Floyd’s death is a painful reminder of the racial injustice that still persists in our country. We stand together NOT in support of the ruthless violence and destruction that is being perpetrated by people who want to destroy American ideals, but for those who stand for equality, understanding, compassion and justice. 

Our school district consists of students of all colors and creeds who come from more than 30 countries. Mayfield schools has a moral and ethical duty to deliver on the promise of equity and access for each and every student, and our commitment to that end is unwavering. 

Many of our students are confused by what they are seeing in cities across this great nation. It is our obligation as a school and a community to continue to help our young people sort out right from wrong and justice from injustice, by talking openly and honestly with them - as we should with one another. We as leaders of our schools, classrooms, businesses, cities and families must continue to model the virtues of dignity and respect for all.  

The most important thing we can do for our students and our community is to act. Our pledge is that we will continue to strive to make every student feel that their school is their home, and work to come to deeper cultural understandings. We recognize our challenges and we sometimes fall short, but we are committed to providing a culture of respect, dignity, support and inclusion for all people. 

I recently received a letter from a Mayfield graduate attending the University of Chicago. I share this portion of the letter with you as a reminder of what our school and community means to many young people during this time of turmoil. We are all honored by her trust in us. 

 “Mayfield has played a huge role in my understanding of some of the systemic and profound issues that impact students all across the country and I hope that it can continue to do that for future students. As leaders of the community and role models to the students in your district, I would hope that you come out and remind students, especially Black students, that they are safe, valued, and empowered. Moreover, I would hope that by making such a stance public, you can help remind parents and other adults in the community that we are not immune to these issues and all have a role in making our community better.”


During this time of unrest our unity sends an important message to our youth. We will unite around displays of empathy and acts of decency. Moshin Hamid wrote, “Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself.” And, the great Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.”  We all must be part of the solution.

With Great Respect and Admiration for Our Community,

Dr. Keith Kelly,                                                                                              Mr. Ronald Fornaro,

Superintendent of Schools                                                                         Board President

Mr. Al Hess,                                                                                                  Mr. George Hughes,         

Board Member                                                                                             Board Member

Mrs. Sue Groszek                                                                                         Mr. Jimmy Teresi

Board Member                                                                                             Board Vice-President                      


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