Happy New Year, Wildcats - Welcome to the 2021-22 school year

Dear Mayfield parents, students, teachers, staff and community,

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year. Our theme throughout this year is “Happy New Year!” along with the resolutions and goals we will set, attempt, retry and achieve.

Part of the culture of Mayfield City Schools is asking our teachers, staff and students - What’s your why? The last 18 months adjusted the answers.

WE are the why.

It’s gratitude. It’s tears, laughter and thinking.

It’s family. It’s Mayfield Family.

It’s being together. It’s a sigh of relief.

It’s the moments we create. It’s the moments we are in.

It’s today. It’s new beginnings.

It’s the new school year.

It’s another chance.

It’s the Hope of We.

What’s our why?

We are the why.

This school year is the New Year's resolution we are going to keep.

Below are a  few of the student testimonials which were shared with our teachers and staff during our Opening Day Convocation on August 13, 2021. The words of our students exclaim our resolutions and goals. Here is our why...

From Nadia Gerbasi, MHS, Class of 2022
    “From the beginning of my time here at Mayfield, this has always been a district of opportunity. Whether it was playing a sport, learning something completely new, planning a fundraiser, or getting involved in club activities, Mayfield has only and always encouraged my fellow classmates and I to become the best version of ourselves. Here at Mayfield, I have found myself. We are reminded that work ethic goes far, attitude is a choice, and perseverance makes change. The sky's the limit here at Mayfield. And that credit goes out to the incredible staff. To those of you who take the time to teach us about what life is all about, far beyond the books and tests, you have made me who I am. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for me, for my classmates, and for all of you. I think it’s going to be a good one.”

From Anna Kress, MMS, 6th Grade (Gates Mills)
    “I recently graduated from Gates Mills Elementary School and will be continuing on to Mayfield Middle School. For the past six years Gates Mills has been my home away from home. I have had so many incredible experiences and memories at Gates Mills School and that would never be possible without the staff and students. All the staff at Gates Mills are kind hearted, caring, and helpful. Our magnificent staff and teachers at Gates Mills School have put in 110 percent in making me and my classmates have the most amazing experiences for the past six years, but especially this past year during Covid.”

From Rayeann Sharma, MMS, 6th Grade (Center)
    “Our teachers at Center turned the most difficult year for many into the most memorable one for us. For example, they showed us how to live life accepting all the challenges it offers with determination, faith, compassion, and a smile.  Like we say at Center, we care about ourselves, we care about others, and we care about our community.”

From Tyler Carcelli, MMS, 7th Grade
    “I am grateful for Mayfield for so many reasons. I have made great friendships at Mayfield schools.  I have been best friends with another student since my Kindergarten year at Center Elementary and I know we will be friends forever. I am grateful for Mayfield because of all the wonderful teachers and staff members I have worked with over the years.  They have all helped grow into the person I am today.  I am grateful for the flexibility Mayfield has given me to grow as a person and student. I am looking forward to many things in my 6 years left here at Mayfield schools. I am excited to graduate from Mayfield and be a great representative of what Mayfield is.”

From Jayne Wilde, MMS 7th Grade

“Hello!  My name is Jayne Wilde. I am 12 years old and I’m in seventh grade at Mayfield Middle school, and boy do I love it at Mayfield!  Mayfield is amazing because it has such great teachers and students. Another thing I love about Mayfield are the High School football games in the Fall. I have two siblings in the Marching Band and we try to go to the Home games whenever we can. Our favorite part is the halftime show- and if it’s cold, our mom lets us get hot cocoa and a treat. There are a few things I am really looking forward to in my years in Mayfield. I can’t wait to participate in the High School Musicals. I was really looking forward to being one of the children in Beauty and the Beast last year- and am really excited to try out for future musicals.  I am also hoping to participate in Vocal Dimensions in 8th Grade and maybe even Show Choir in High School if I’m lucky enough to make it in.  I am also anxious to meet new teachers and friends, but then again who isn’t? This is why I love Mayfield and why I am excited to stay here and learn new things in this school district.”

MyKenna Roy, MHS, Class of 2022
    As a person who is quite involved with the school, I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet and interact with so many people, and I can say that they are my favorite part about being at Mayfield. We have such an amazing community here that is so accepting, supportive, and embraces all of our differences. Everyone here in this room is the reason I am proud to call myself a Wildcat, and the thing I will cherish most when I look back on my years at Mayfield.”

Jenny Sarkar, MHS, 11th Grade
    To have a space to think creatively, explore, and learn more about our interests is something that not many schools have the privilege of having. It may be athletics, technology, art, or history; pretty much everything and anything you can think of, you will be provided resources for at Mayfield. I’m always finding new opportunities, fantastic new people, and new hobbies everywhere, and I love that here at Mayfield. There’s always something more to learn or to be inspired by.”

Ander Nunez-Cirillo, Center, 5th Grade
    I hope all of you are excited for a fresh start and a bright future. We can finally be together again! But guess what I’m super excited for… My first day of school since 2019! That’s what!!! 
It didn’t matter if we were zoomies or roomies, Mrs. Scampitilla was always there for us. She is very kind, creative and really tried to bring out the best of us. For example, she pushed us a little because she knows we can do even better. I feel very proud because I know I can do a lot of things on my own, but still feel comfortable asking for help, knowing I’ll get what I need. I am proud to be a Cyclone because we care about ourselves, others, and our community. Happy New Year! Make your resolutions because HERE WE GO!”

And, yes, just like Ander said, here we go.

Another school year is set to begin. Our students will experience first bus rides, new classrooms, more friends, and the best teachers and staff who cannot wait to begin again. 

Let’s each of us make a resolution to keep four guiding principles in front of us at all times:

  1. Let’s never forget why we are here... it’s about kids.

  2. Let’s keep the focus on learning... learning for students and learning for adults.

  3. Let’s be sure to take care of one another.

  4. Let’s have FUN doing it!

Happy New Year, Wildcats!


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