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Education leaders from across the U.S. to visit Mayfield City Schools

EdLeader21 invites members to Mayfield City Schools for an exclusive site visit

The EdLeader21 Network is excited to announce an in-person site visit at Mayfield City Schools (Ohio). Attendees will see first-hand system wide transformation in action across all levels of the school district. The visit is scheduled for Thursday, May 11, 2023.

Want to know more about how Mayfield City Schools' Portrait of Wildcat has fueled system wide transformation? Want to know how to personalize learning and provide customized learning pathways for all students? Want to learn how the Portrait of Wildcat can accelerate deeper learning across an entire system? During this site visit, participants learn how Mayfield's Portrait of a Graduate has fueled the development of the community's vision for learning.

Participants will explore how customized learning pathways can provide a practical blueprint for moving beyond a one size fits all approach to a more personalized school experience. Exploration of different learning modalities K-12 (self-paced, online, traditional, THE OPTION, experiential learning and career exploration) and their impact on student learning will be showcased by Mayfield's students and staff.

In November 2022, Mayfield City Schools hosted over 50 superintendents and educational leaders from across the state of Ohio to learn about Mayfield’s innovative Portrait of a Mayfield Wildcat and All-Access Learning model. The group toured the district’s learning spaces to see Mayfield’s personalized learning in action. The event was hosted by the Battelle for Kids SOAR Network, which promotes collaboration and innovation among educators in the State of Ohio.