Claim Career Technical College Credits

Claim Career-Technical College CreditS

Students enrolled in Excel TECC career technical programs have several ways of earning college credits associated with their program. Explore your options on this page:
*College Tech Prep - Lakeland Community College, Cuyahoga Community College and Stark State College 
*University of Akron
*Kent State University

*Career Technical Credit Transfer [CT2]/Career-Technical Assurance Guides [CTAGs]-statewide guarantee of credit transfer
What are college advanced standing and credit opportunities?
Qualified career technical education high school graduates can often by-pass college introductory technical courses and start at a more advanced level. Students may also receive college credit for work completed in high school, depending on the participating college partner and program. Guidelines for awarding advanced college standing and credit are specified in an articulation agreement. Typically, college credit is awarded based on a test, certification by high school instructor or completion of a certain number of advanced college courses.
Several Excel TECC programs may be eligible for overlapping credit opportunities - check with your program instructor for complete information.
**Credits can be earned through a career technical program in addition to and while earning other high-school-to-college transfer credits such as AP, College Credit Plus, etc.

NOTE: Articulation agreements are reviewed annually and subject to change. Consult agreement documentation for details on associated degree [e.g., ATS, AAS, AAB, BA, etc.] 

Click here for summary of College Credit options available to high school students:
College Credit Plus - Career-Technical Credit Transfer - Ohio College Tech Prep - Advanced Placement Credit
The Ohio College Tech Prep concept is a seamless, non-duplicative, integrated pathway of education and experience that starts in high school, continues through postsecondary and leads to success in the chosen technical career field. All career technical education programs are synonymous with Tech Prep programs in Ohio.
The Tech Prep vision is sustained by partnerships that align resources and expertise. Supported by state funding and guidance, Ohio College Tech Prep is jointly managed by the Ohio Board of Regents and the Ohio Department of Education's office of Career-Technical Education. Six Ohio College Tech Prep Regional Centers have been established.
Excel TECC's Tech Prep partners are Lakeland Community College, Cuyahoga Community College and Stark State College. Generally, Excel TECC hosts a meeting for parents and students in spring with details about the application process for claiming Tech Prep credits. Program instructors  will provide submission forms to students for the credits. When completed by the student, the form is returned to the instructor who will forward it to the Administrative Office for the Director to complete and turn in to the institution. (Please note, if a student is going to transfer tech prep credits from LCC, CCC or Stark State to another college, it is up to that incoming college or institution as to whether they will accept or deny the credits.)
Cuyahoga Community College Information/Forms:

To Claim University of Akron credits contact:
Kelly Herold, Assistant Dean, CAST
University of Akron
Akron OH 44325-6001


Students who successfully completed specified technical programs are eligible to have technical credit transfer to OH public colleges and universities. This transfer of credit is described in Career-Technical Assurance Guides [CTAGs]. CTAGs are advising tools that assist students moving from Ohio secondary institutions to Ohio public institutions of higher education.
[CT2] works by aligning the content of career and technical programs at high schools, career centers, and Ohio Technical Centers with courses at Ohio's community colleges and universities. Once an institution has a program or courses approved by a panel of faculty experts from around the state, students who complete a program and pass the credentialing, or licensing exam are eligible for college credit at any of Ohio's public colleges or universities that offer the course[s]/program.
The process for application begins with the Verification From which will be provided by the Excel TECC instructor of the program. The student is to complete Part I and return to their instructor who will complete Part II. The instructor will turn the form in to the Administrative Office for the Director to complete and send to the institution. If the student has earned an industry credential, they will need to present that to the admissions office of the institution.

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