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Honors Introduction to Literature and Composition

Honors Introduction to Literature and Composition

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Introduction to Literature
Study and Composition Honors
Grade 9
Course Number 139
Full Year Course - 1 credit
Prerequisite: Recommendation
Recommended For: College Bound
Career: CORE

Introduction to Literature Study and Composition Honors covers areas of composition, grammar, oral communication, and literature, as does all ninth grade English. The honors class, however, is both accelerated and enriched with regard to content, thus covering more material with more depth. In addition, students are expected to demonstrate in their writing a greater degree of sophistication in content and style.

Class Announcements

Welcome to MHS

Welcome to English I Honors: Introduction to Composition and Literature 2017-2018 school year.  I can't wait to meet all of you.  It is an honor to be your teacher this year.

Open House 2017

If you were unable to attend Open House August 24, 2017 or if you want to view this Power Point again, hopefully you will gain insight into what is covered in Honor's English I, Introduction to Literature and Composition, and how to contact me. If you have any questions, please email me.

English 1 Downloads

Please review expectations with your high school student as they may be different from the middle school


TedTalk on Confidence

Hey Mrs. Beery, I had some spare time and I was looking up videos to help
with confidence in myself for these PARCC tests, and I found this Ted talk! It
not only relates to putting confidence in ourselves for these upcoming tests,
but just day to day activities we do. But probably the best part is that the
girl looks like she is close to our age, which means she can relate to us.
Let me know what you think! -Chloey DiBartolo 
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