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McBride, Rachel K

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Bachelor of Science in Integrated Language Arts from BGSU -2002
Master of Science in School Counseling from Akron Univ. - 2006

World Lit and Comp Honors - Sophomores

Class Description:

World Literature and Composition Honors expands the basic areas of literature and composition covered in the regular World Literature and Composition curriculum and proceeds at a more rapid pace. Greater independence is expected of the students in their analysis of literature. In addition, students are expected to demonstrate a greater degree of sophistication in content and style in their writing. Types of compositions include expository, literary analysis, persuasive, and narrative. Grammar is approached as a means of improving composition.

American Lit and Comp - Juniors

Class Description:

American Literature and Composition is a study of American literature. This course spans a wide range of material beginning in the 1600s and concluding with contemporary authors. Students study prominent authors of each literary period with emphasis on significant contributions. The historical context of works is also examined. In addition, refinement of writing and communication skills is pursued. The writing program focuses on research, literary analysis, persuasive, narrative, and expository forms.

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