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Test Taking Tips & Study Skills

Test Taking Tips & Practical Advice

Don't. Stress. Over. The. Tests. 
     The above advice is the best and most important thing to remember when you are confronted with ANY type of assessment. While it may sound good in theory--as almost everything does--try to remember the following when you feel the pressure is on.
 1. Rest is key. Get plenty of rest before any big test. And, this doesn't mean the night before. It means many evenings leading up to your big day.
2. Eat a healthy breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast. I cannot stress it enough. And, if you want to see the research behind this, I will happily share this. Your brain will never be at its best if it does not have fuel.
3. Prepare in advance. Practice what you need to know. Review. Review again. And, review again. Easy.
4. Have confidence. Nobody (and I mean it--NOBODY) walks into a big game with their shoulders down and full of negative speech--they play to win and know they will. You must do the same thing. Know you will succeed.
5. When in a testing situation, clear your head, take your time, focus, and breath. Have faith in yourself and your abilities.
6. Have confidence and ROCK your tests! 
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