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The educational philosophy of Mayfield Preschool is based on a developmental approach to education. Programming is planned to meet each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical needs as the child passes through predictable and sequential stages of development.

Child-directed, teacher-supported exploration and learning experiences are designed so that the children can construct knowledge at their own developmental level and pace. This constructivist model allows children to become active participants in the learning process. Trust, social interaction, and play are seen as the foundations on which children develop problem-solving skills, language, and self-esteem.

Integrated programming allows all typically developing children and children with special needs to gain a broader perspective of the real world. Children engage in a variety of opportunities and experiences as they interact with peers in the environment.

Families are considered an integral part of the learning experience. They are encouraged to be active participants in their child’s educational program.


Our license is issued by the State of Ohio Department of Education. Classes consist of children whose ages range from three to five years. These classes include children with special needs and typical peer role models. 

All students must live within the Mayfield City School District. 

Special Needs Children who have an identified disability or are in need of a referral for such identifications follow a process through the School Psychologist. All students are 3 years of age before entering the program. Children who live outside the Mayfield City School District must have a hearing impairment to be eligible for the program. Eligibility is determined by the Rules for the Education of Preschool Children with Disabilities Served by Public Schools (Chapter 3301-31). Our program follows mandated state and local placement procedures. A team of staff professionals reviews the needs of each child to determine the appropriate placement.  Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech & Language Pathology services are available to all students who demonstrate need. Itinerant services for all therapies and itinerant teacher services are also available for those students who can be successfully served in a less restrictive setting. 

Peer models are eligible for participation in the program at the age of 3 by August 1 of entry year thru 5 years old. Our placement procedure requires that each prospective student participate in Peer Screening. Screening typically takes place in late January/early February. Reservation required - call 440.995.7300. 

The following traits are considered: 

1. The ability to comply with teacher request in a timely manner

2. Age-appropriate play skills 

3. Good language, speech, and communication skills 

4. Must toilet independently 

5. Demonstrate age-appropriate independence and initiative 

6. Demonstrate age-appropriate self-help skills 

7. Have the ability to make transitions and flexibility in following directions

Screened students who meet these qualifications are offered a place on a first come, first served basis.


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