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Meet the Staff

Our Mayfield Preschool Cubs Team is proud to work with our families and be present to support the needs of each young learner!  Here is our team for 2023-24!

Office Team:
Craig Caroff, Preschool Principal
Darcy Edelman, School Psychologist
Kim Zanella, Administrative Assistant

Related Services Team
Stacy Cole, Speech Language Pathologist
Joelle Grisez, Speech Language Pathologist
Rachel Berkowitz, Speech Language Pathologist
Lil McNulty, Occupational Therapist
Kathlee Patrizi, Occupational Therapist
Christine Kress, Physical Therapist

Classroom Teams:
Amanda Pona, Teacher/Intervention Specialist and Lori Prebul, Paraprofessional
Missy Armstrong, Teacher, Intervention Specialist and Michelle Dimora, Paraprofessional
Tara Palmisano: Teacher, Intervention Specialist, Kristen Fatica & Michelle Marino, Paraprofessionals
Lisa Mahon, Teacher/Intervention Specialist, and Joanne Devincentis, Paraprofessional
Kelly Murrey, Teacher/Intervention Specialist and Danielle Tomaro, Paraprofessional
Jennifer Wexler, Teacher/Intervention Specialist and Sharon Regovich, Paraprofessional

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