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Environmental Education

Environmental Education

  • Cleveland Botanical Garden/Holden Arboretum
  • Floriculture & Gardening Operations
  • Landscape Construction & Design
Site: Gates Mills Environmental Education Center; Cleveland Botanical Garden/Holden Arboretum
Two-year program: grades 11-12

These three programs are designed to educate the student in practices of commercial horticulture, including ornamental landscaping, greenhouse production, and floral design. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a wide array of careers in horticulture by blending academics and the technical subject areas of turf & ornamentals, greehouse production, floral design, and equipment operations. Students will explore post-secondary training by visiting Tri-C and the Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster. Students enrolling in the program become members of FFA and can join the Ohio Nurserymen and Landscapers Association. Entry employment opportunities are available and continuation of higher education is encouraged after completion of the program. Employment opportunities are very high for those that are serious about their careers. If the student wants to cultivate the gardener side of their career then they can choose from any of the following areas:

Cleveland Botanical Garden/Holden Arboretum
Cleveland Botanical Garden Program is for students that desire a career in landscape maintenance and public gardening. The garden houses 10 landscaped acres of permanent, award-winning displays and themed gardens which the students use for their classroom. This program is designed for those students who wish to develop their landscaping skills, work habits, and knowledge to ultimately become successful workers in the horticulture industry and productive members of society.

Floriculture & Gardening Operations
The Floriculture and Gardening Operations program introduces students to many areas of the horticulture industry before entering higher education/workforce. It offers the basics in Landscape and golf course gardening, plant production, greenhouse and garden center operations, floral design, interior plant production, sales, customer service, plant identification and care. The program includes class room theory and hands-on instruction by growing, maintaining ,selling and designing with  annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, cut flowers and tropical plants Students are encouraged to participate in a paid internship program to enhance the learning experience! 

Landscape Construction & Design
The Landscape Construction and Design Program is an intensive Tech Prep program designed for students who are serious about employment in the landscape industry and/or to prepare themselves for further education in a college, university or trade school. The course uses a project-based, problem-based philosophy and provides students with hands-on work and instruction both on the horticulture campus and at off-site locations. Students will engage in topics such as landscape equipment operation, landscape design and estimating, plant identification and care, construction with stone, wood and precast pavers, and general maintenance of the landscape.

Cleveland Botanical Garden/Holden Arboretum - Mrs. Kim Haydu
  • Education: Lakeland Community College-Associate of Arts; The Ohio State University-Bachelors-Science/Agriculture; England Study Abroad Program; Ashland University-Master of Education; CTAE Leadership Academy, Career-Based Intervention Endorsement
  • Work Experience: Gates Mills Environmental Education Center Instructor (22 yrs); FFA Advisor, Sea World of Ohio-1999; Mentor Board of Education-1991-1998; Butterflies Flower and Balloons Florist-1995-1998.
  • Professional Memberships: Cleveland Botanical Garden, The Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association.
  • Hobbies: Travel, gardening, yoga, working out, and spending time with family.
Floriculture &Gardening Operations - Ms. Kym Judson

  • Education: Lakeland Community College; Kent State University-Bachelor of Science in Education; Masters level work at Lake Erie College, Ashland University.
  • Work Experience: 44 yrs in the Horticulture industry including floral design, greenhouse and garden center management; 30 yrs at the Gates Mills Environmental Education Center-10 yrs as Horticulture job trainer and 20 yrs as a Horticulture instructor.
  • Professional Memberships: Ohio Florist Association, The Design Network, Ohio Certified Nursery Technician, Ohio Garden Center Technician.
  • Hobbies: Travel, gardening, outdoor activities, community events, working out and spending time with my family, friends and grandchildren.
Landscape Construction & Design - Mr. Dave Husat

  • Education: 
  • Work Experience: 
  • Professional Memberships: 
  • Hobbies: 

Additional Information

  • Cuyahoga Community College: up to 3 credits
  • ATI/Ohio State University: Placement Math test
  • University of Akron-up to 8 credits
  • Kent State University-up to 4 credits
  • CT2: up to 15 sem hrs/all OH public colleges
Cleveland Botanical Garden

The student will learn:
  • Introduction to Horticulture
  • Identification of Plants
  • Floral Design & Landscape Design
  • Greenhouse Maintenance/Operation
  • Landscape Maintenance/Construction
  • Equipment Safety
  • Plant Propagation
  • Work Skills Ethic
  • Public Garden Worker
  • Landscape Business Owner
  • Horticulture Management
Floriculture & Gardening Operations

The student will learn:
  • Plant Identification
  • Insect & Disease Identification
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Greenhouse Maintenance/Operation
  • Greenhouse Plant Propagation
  • Annual & Perennial Plant Care
  • Floral Design
  • Floral Decoration & Display
  • Pruning/Edging/Mulching
  • Equipment Operation
  • Customer Service
  • Garden Center Management
  • Estate & Public Gardner
  • Greenhouse Grower
  • Landscape Design/Maintenance
  • Business Owner/Manager
  • Floral Designer
  • Nursery Worker
  • Wedding Consultant
  • Horticulture Sales/Marketing
  • Plant Propagation
Landscape Construction & Design

The student will learn:
  • Pruning/Edging/Mulching
  • Insect & Disease Identification/Control
  • Equipment & Small Engine Maintenance
  • Plant Use & Identification
  • Plant Establishment
  • Soil Science & Chemistry
  • Bed Construction
  • Seasonal Clean-ups
  • Equipment Operation
  • Customer Service
  • Landscape Design/Estimating/Maintenance
  • Construction with stone, wood, pre-cast pavers 


  • Landscape Designer/Architect
  • Crew Leader-Landscape Maintenance
  • Landscape/Hardscape Construction
  • Park System Maintenance
  • Gardener
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