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MAYFIELD MINUTE: Take a minute to learn more about our Mayfield City Schools

MAYFIELD MINUTE - Mayfield Minute: February 10, 2023: Assistant Superintendent Steve Nedlik and Treasurer Scott Snyder give an update on the four construction projects happening in the Mayfield City School District - Renovations at Lander and Center elementaries, MHS main entrance realignment with Miner Road and the addition at the Innovation Center to relocate CEVEC. #mychoicemayfield

MAYFIELD MINUTE - Jan. 27, 2023 Superintendent Dr. Michael Barnes talks about Mayfield's Organizational Excellence and how the partnership with Huron Studer Education and our Mayfield stakeholders will advance the district's priorities over the next five years. #mychoicemayfield 

MAYFIELD MINUTE - Dec. 15, 2022 Superintendent Dr. Michael Barnes shares a holiday rhyme about all of the teaching and learning happening this school year. #mychoicemayfield 

MAYFIELD MINUTE - Dec. 2, 2022 Superintendent Dr. Michael Barnes shares the results of the recent Community Satisfaction Survey which gauges residents' views about the education and programs Mayfield provides, including data on teachers, facilities and communication. #mychoicemayfield

MAYFIELD MINUTE - Nov. 11, 2022 Superintendents and education leaders from across Ohio recently visited Mayfield to learn more about The Portrait of a Mayfield Wildcat and our All-Access Learning models. #mychoicemayfield

MAYFIELD MINUTE - Oct. 28, 2022 Dr. Patrick Ward, Director of Curriculum and Instruction talks about the Portrait of a Mayfield Wildcat and how Mayfield is preparing our students for college, career and life. #mychoicemayfield

MAYFIELD MINUTE - Oct. 14, 2022 Superintendent Dr. Michael Barnes discusses the State Report Card and the Mayfield Quality Profile. #mychoicemayfield

Dr. Barnes Mayfield Minute October 7 2022.mp4

MAYFIELD MINUTE: Director of Curriculum Dr. Patrick Ward explains how Mayfield's vision for learning prepares our students for the every grade. "Image a classroom where students voice, choice and agency is the norm, where we  develop purposefully and intentionally the pathways and skills they are going to need to be successful." #mychoicemayfield 

MAYFIELD MINUTE: Superintendent Mike Barnes shares a powerful message "Change the Classroom. Change Our World." in our first Mayfield Minute. "This is the stuff to talk about. This is the stuff that moves mountains." #mychoicemayfield 

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