Digital Arts & Technology

Digital Arts & Technology

Site: Aurora High School
Two-year program: grades 11-12
Digital Arts and Technology is designed for a student who immerses themselves in today's modern methods of media, communication and culture. Through technology, photography, video, graphic design and audio engineering, one is taught how to communicate effectively for today's society. The class is built on a business backbone and integrates social networking, websites, and a digital portfolio. Digital Arts uses Digital SLRs, studio strobes, lighting and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to learn how to take photos, edit and display for any application. Videography can involve music video, short film, documentary and presentation at each stage of production. Recording audio for video is important but is also available for those students who are interested in making and recording music. Pro Tools, the industry standard for audio engineering, is taught at the beginning to intermediate level. The two-year program is specifically tailored for the best possible experience. First year students meet everyday in the morning where all aspects are taught to a base level, then each student can independently gravitate toward their desired specialization. The second year meetings are two days in the classroom where the remainder of the week is allocated for student internship. Each senior has the opportunity to intern in their various desired specialization and build their professional network.

Instructor: Mr. Patrick Fenner


  • Education: Kent State University-Masters-CTTE Education and Bachelors in Business Administration.
  • Work Experience: Excel TECC Digital Arts & Technology teacher (10 yrs); Hudson Cable Television-Production Assistant (9 yrs)); Technology consultant-Cleveland Municipal School District; Hudson City Schools-Broadcast Journalism technical instructor (6 yrs); Owner of Visual Karma Photo, Video and Sound (8 yrs); editor and head photographer (11 yrs).





Additional Information

Credits: 3 credits each year (2 Courses/yr-1.5 credits each; Senior year includes Internship)
The student will learn:
   •  Photography level photography
   •  Editing video, audio & photographs 
   •  Film & VideoTechniques
   •  How these skills relate to today's job market 
   •   Arts & Communication Primer
   •   Digital Image Editing
   •   Business of Arts & Communication
   •   Digital Cinema

   •  Nikon DSLRs / Sony 4K Cinema Camera
   •  Apple iMac
   •  MIDI Controllers
   •  Microphones/MIDI interfaces
   •  Studio Space
   •  Professional lighting & strobes
   •  Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, ProTools & Premiere & After Affects

    •   Kent State University: up to 12 credits
     •   CT2 - 3 sem hours/all OH public colleges
   •   Film
   •   Cinematographer
   •   Photographer
   •   Small Business Owner
   •   Graphic Design 
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