Rice, Corey

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Teacher/Staff Contact:
High School Science Teacher
Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science

B.S. in Education
Bowling Green State University

office: (440) 995-6997

YouTube Channel: MHSMrRice

About your Teacher:

Van Buren High School, Van Buren, Ohio (near Findlay, Ohio) Van Buren is a small village in northwest Ohio. The 2000 census listed the population of the village at 313 people (less than most graduating classes at Mayfield High School). My graduating class was average sized for the town at that time, with 66 students. (*That school district expands beyond the boundaries of the small namesake village.)
Reason for Science
I was given a gyroscope as a young child- a simple toy that entertained and intrigued me. You wind a string, and then pull it out to start the gyroscope spinning. Once the gyroscope is spinning it is amazingly resistant to falling over or otherwise changing orientation. This interesting phenomenon started a curiosity that still continues in all aspects of the physical sciences and beyond. Science is the way that we can describe and advance our world; also this understanding leads to a great appreciation of the beautiful interconnectedness of our universe.
Reason for Teaching
After seeing the benefit that my teachers have been to me, I felt a desire to help others in that same way to the best of my ability. Additionally, scientific understanding can help people in the metropark, grocery store, workplace, and home- this benefit is why science was something that, in our modern world, I felt compelled to help people be able to use and enjoy.

Sometimes there are excellent answers to questions that everyone asks. They are not always simple answers, but they are usually fulfilling. Sometimes they are altogether astounding. Occasionally they are even fun. Increasingly, I appreciate what I can learn by teaching. Everyone invested in a classroom brings experiences to the discussion and fuels further investigation. These types of positive classroom exchanges can drive anyone to want to spend time getting first hand experience in topics of classroom discussion - such as glaciers!
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