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District Information

Located in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, Mayfield City Schools are comprised of four diverse and dynamic communities: the cities of Highland Heights and Mayfield Heights and the villages of Gates Mills and Mayfield. The district serves approximately 4,100 students. Enrollment growth remains steady.
The District is comprised of four neighborhood grades K-5 elementary schools, grades 6-8 middle school and a grades 9-12 high school. In addition to administering these schools, the District oversees consortium programs which draw students from neighboring school districts: Mayfield Preschool offers programs to meet t each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical needs; the Cuyahoga East Vocational Education Consortium (CEVEC), a program which prepares older developmentally-handicapped students for work and independent living; and Excel T.E.C.C. which provides vocational, technical, and job skill training to high school students.
The Mayfield City School District is proud of the broad spectrum of programs it offers. In addition to academics, Mayfield offers rich and diverse extracurricular opportunities for students, beginning in elementary schools. Elementary after-school latchkey programs also are offered on-site, but are privately managed.
Continuing and improving upon its reputation for academic excellence, while addressing the diverse needs of its student body, are the primary goals of the District and its school community. Voter support in in November 2016 for a 5-mill Operating and a 1.9-mill Permanent Improvement levy allows the District to continue to offer an exemplary education as well as to address the safety, health, security and infrastructure needs at every school building in the District.
Mayfield has enjoyed an excellent reputation as one of the top school systems in Ohio for its personalized, All-Access Learning model, guided by the Portrait of A Mayfield Wildcat and core competencies: collaboration, Critical & creative thinking, curiosity, communication, scholarship and personalization.  This is due to its excellent and committed staff, the majority of whom hold advanced degrees. Mayfield’s students, as a whole, exhibit strong academic ability to prepare them for college, career and life, guided by the Portrait of a Mayfield Wildcat Mayfield High School is named one of the best high schools in America by Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report and The Washington Post.  
The community has a long-standing history of support and involvement in the schools. An organized volunteer program, which includes students, parents and community members, further enriches Mayfield City Schools.
The District’s annual budget is in excess of $75 million. There are 754 professional and support personnel who provide an overall 19:1 pupil/teacher ratio, with an average per pupil expenditure of $16,815. Guidance counselors serve students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The District also provides a substance abuse coordinator, occupational and speech therapists, psychologists, English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors and gifted intervention specialists. In addition to providing staff development, the district reinvests in programs to support professional staff development for teachers, administrators and support staff. The District also actively pursues educational grants for programming.

Mayfield City Schools…Every Student. Every Day.
Our Mission
  • Every Student. Every Day.
Our Vision
  • A promise for learning, dignity, and respect for all.
Our Core Values
  • We will model and practice these values:
  • A belief in education as a lifelong process
  • A commitment to the education & development of the whole child
  • Respect & value of every stakeholder -- staff, students, families, administrators, & community members
  • Open & honest collaboration
  • A commitment to creating & maintaining
  • A positive & effective working environment for all
Our Operating Principles:
  • Presume Positive Intent
  • Be good listeners
  • Strive for equitable participation & empowerment from all stakeholders
  • Work toward consensus
  • Take risks through open & honest communication
  • Treat each other with respect
  • Take time to understand & respect each other's perspectives & issues
  • Focus on the system 

Forms and Updates

In our 2018 Quality Profile, we highlight some of our great accomplishments in the past year and how we offer a well-rounded education for our students. We again are committed to remaining accountable and making sure we continually reflect on what it takes to excel. For that purpose, we continued to use our vision for the future that identifies “The Whys.” Also, under each category within the Quality Profile, you’ll find highlighted what we must continue to do to move our excellent school district forward.
A comprehensive look at our academics, high-quality teaching, student leadership, innovation, parent & community involvement, athletics and activities.
The 3rd Annual Mayfield Quality Profile which provides our communities a full and transparent report on how our schools are performing in the areas that matter most to our community.
A look at our Quality Improvement Pillars for 2015-2019.
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