Over the next twenty months extensive renovations will be taking place at Mayfield High School.  Here is a short list of some of the parts of the project.
        1.    Build a two story connector between the 9-10 Building and the 11-12 Building.  Also a two story connector will be built through the former IMC Library to the front doors of the Science wing.  This will permit students to move easily between the different wings of the building and no longer need to walk outside to save time between classes.  This part of the project will also establish a single entrance to the building during the school day.
        2.    Build a new office complex next to the connector between the buildings.  The administrative offices will be combined in one location on the first floor and the counseling offices will be combined in one location on the second floor.
        3.    A new Library/Media Center will be built in the location of the current Senior Cafeteria (formerly 11-12 Cafeteria).  This will consolidate all of the Library and Media Services into one location.
        4.    Remodel the current 9-11 Cafeteria.
        5.    Create a new ceramics room in the location of the former metals shop.
        6.    Create new art rooms to replace the rooms lost to the construction.
        7.    Convert the former IMC Library to a senior café.
        8.    Upgrade the heating and cooling systems within the 11-12 building and freshen up the rooms with new ceiling tiles and lights.
        9.    Remodel the current wrestling room into a second band room in order to provide another location to help accommodate the large band.
      10.    Build a new wrestling room, a new team weight lifting room, and team locker rooms on the south side of the field house.  Some of the other existing locker rooms will also be remodeled.
      11.    Install a new sound system in the gymnasium.
      12.    Renovate the indoor track.
      13.    Replace the field house floor.
      14.    There are numerous other projects which will be done, using privately raised funds, to the athletic fields south of the high school.  For more information on those projects, please refer to
There are many other smaller aspects of the projects which will take place but this provides a brief overview.

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