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Master Teacher Program

Benefits of a Master Teacher

There are a number of reasons teachers would apply for the Master Teacher designation, these include an opportunity to reflect upon practice and gain positive recognition, a benchmark to strive for in a teaching career, and/or meeting one criteria to be eligible to seek advanced-level licenses.

Advance your License
Earning a Master Teacher designation allows you to advance your license to the Senior Professional Educator License.
Educators with Senior Professional teaching licenses who have met the requirements for the Consistently High Performing Teacher status may not need to complete additional coursework or equivalent continuing education credits to renew their educator licenses for the next renewal cycle.  

Earn CEUs
Teachers that successfully complete the Master Teacher Program receive 60 CEUs toward their subsequent licensure renewal. 

General Information

General Information

To be eligible for the Master Teacher designation, the candidate must AT LEAST:
  • hold a valid professional teaching license or certificate
  • taught a minimum of seven years (currently in the eighth year of teaching)
  • worked a minimum of 120 days during the current school year AND
  • is working under a teaching contract/employed as a teacher.
  • Submit a completed physical or digital portfolio to the district Master Teacher Committee by the designated deadlines.
    • Criteria assessed will be in ALL of the following areas:  
      • consistent leadership 
      • focused collaboration
      • distinguished teaching with a focus on students and environment
      • distinguished teaching with a focus on content, instruction, and assessment
      • continued professional growth.
  • The Master Teacher Committee will score the application and determine designation based on a statewide standards-based rubric.
    • Two members of the committee will independently score each portfolio.
    • In the event of a discrepancy, a third member will review the portfolio.
    • If the teacher does not earn the designation, the district committee has an appeal process in place.
  • Earn the initial Master Teacher designation.
  • Choose renewal in either year 4 or year 5 of the designation.
  • Complete the renewal process.
  • If renewal is chosen in year 4, the designation does not take effect until current designation expires.

Master Teacher Initial Designation

The Ohio Master Teacher designation encourages and supports lifelong learning of educators and challenges accomplished educators to serve as catalysts for deep professional growth in their learning communities.  A Master Teacher demonstrates excellence inside and outside of the classroom through consistent leadership and focused collaboration to maximize student learning.  A Master Teacher strives for distinguished teaching and continued professional growth as specified by The Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. 

A.  Master Teacher Initial Designation Intent Form (Google form, submit by 10/2/2023)  
B.  Recommendation Form (sign and include in portfolio)
      (include in portfolio binder)
F.   Master Teacher Initial Designation Scoring Rubric (include TWO copies in portfolio binder)
G.  Master Teacher Initial Designation Score Report (include TWO copies in portfolio binder)

Master Teacher Renewal

Master Teacher Renewal

Master Teacher Renewal provides an opportunity for currently designated Master Teachers to demonstrate their continued practice at the accomplished and distinguished levels, per the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. The Master Teacher Renewal process is an attempt to capture, reflect on and document the professional life of the Master Teacher over the past five years and is a professional commitment to continually strive for the distinguished level in the criteria of consistent leadership, focused collaboration, students and environment, content, instruction and assessment, and continued professional growth.  

A.  Master Teacher Renewal Intent Form (Google form, submit by 10/2/2023)
      (include in portfolio)
D.  Master Teacher Renewal Evidence Cover Page (include one for each piece of evidence)
E.  Master Teacher Renewal Rubric (include two copies in portfolio)
F.   Master Teacher Renewal Score Report (include one copy in portfolio)

Important Dates


10/2/2023                       Submit Intent form (Google form) and recommendation forms to Allison Golem.         

4/5/2024                         Submit initial designation or renewal portfolio to Allison Golem at MMS.

4/5– 5/3/2024                Portfolio scoring

5/10/2024                         Notification to applicants

5/15/2024                       Submit letter of intent to appeal to Allison Golem at MMS (if applicable)



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