Board of Education

Board of Education

Function of the Board

The Mayfield Board of Education is a creation of the state legislature and operates under specific laws set down by the state. The board may exercise only those powers that are granted by law. Members of the board have authority only when they act as a corporate body - in other words - when they act together in public meetings. No individual board member may bind the Board of Education to a particular course of action.

How Board Members are Elected
The Board of Education is composed of five citizens who are representatives of the residents of Gates Mills, Highland Heights, Mayfield Heights and Mayfield Village. Board members are elected "at large" on a nonpartisan ballot and serve for staggered terms of four years.

Board Responsibilities
The task of the board is to function as a policy-making group for the school district, establishing direction and priorities for the schools. As part of its policy-making function, the board monitors the operation of the district and acts as a court of last appeal on all school matters. Legal responsibilities of the board include acting upon all employments, payments, contracts and official agreements which are recommended by the Superintendent or Treasurer, and which bind the school district or its resources.

Superintendent's Role
The Superintendent of Schools is not a member of the board. He is employed by the board to carry out board policies and to administer the schools on a day-to-day basis. The Superintendent is responsible to the board while all other employees of the district, either directly or indirectly, are responsible to the Superintendent.

Treasurer's Role
The Treasurer is not a member of the board. He is employed by the board to administer, in cooperation with the Superintendent, the financial, legal and contractual business of the school district. The Treasurer is employed directly by the board and is responsible to the board.

Public Participation
It is the desire of the Board of Education that citizens and staff members of the district be provided with an opportunity to present helpful suggestions to the board for the betterment of our school community. Individuals may be placed on the board agenda under the provisions of Board Policy 0169.1 by contacting the Superintendent. Residents and staff members also may address the board during any regularly scheduled meeting during the Community Communications section of the agenda. Comments must pertain to items which are on the board agenda for discussion or vote that evening.

Meeting Schedule
Regular meetings of the board are usually held on the fourth Wednesday of each monthat 7:00p.m. in the Irene P. Kay Board Room at the Board of Education Building, 1101 SOM Center Road, Mayfield Heights. The board establishes the meeting schedule each year at the January organizational meeting, taking into account changes in the schedule which are necessary due to holidays, vacations and other conflicts. All regular meetings are open to the public. Announcements are made in advance of special meetings.

Meeting Agenda
Members of the school staff, under the direction of the Superintendent, participate in the preparation of an agenda for each board meeting. The agenda is the formal order of business for the meeting.

Materials concerning agenda items are sent to each board member on the Friday preceding the regular meeting, allowing the board time to study the issues beforehand. In addition to the monthly agenda, the board members receive a weekly written report of school operations and are in frequent contact with the Superintendent.

Length of Meetings
Board meetings are planned to last around 90 minutes. Items of special interest to the public, such as staff reports, are scheduled early in the meeting. Matters requiring board action come next, while information items follow.

There are times when the number or complexity of items on the agenda will cause the board meeting to last longer than you wish to stay. Feel free to quietly leave the meeting.

Meeting Schedule

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Regular Meeting
Regular Meeting
Regular Meeting
Organizational Meeting

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