Computer Foundations Accreditation And Refurbishment


The Computers Foundations Program housed at the Goodwill Industries and our newest partner PCs For People offers students the opportunity to learn the skills necessary for entry level Computer Technician positions.  From dismantling, cleaning, refurbishing, and recycling old computer components to enrollment in courses leading to industry recognized credentials, students with an interest in the technical side of information technology have the chance to learn the foundational skills for entry level Computer Technology employment.

Goodwill - Computers Again

Goodwill - Computers Again
The Computers Again Program at Goodwill is designed to connect low income families, non-profit organizations and schools with affordable technology. The other side of this is to offer companies meaningful solutions to donate gently used computers. CEVEC has partnered with Goodwill to give our students an opportunity to learn vocational skills and services in computer related fields.
There are two main areas the CEVEC students have the opportunity to work in at Computers Again. The first is in E-waste. The E-waste portion of the program is where the students learn to dismantle computers parts and recycle them accordingly. There are four main computer parts they work on:
          a.disassemble and recycle parts
         b.take apart, clean and reassemble for resale    
   2.Hard Drives – disassemble and recycle parts
   3.CPU’s – disassemble and recycle parts
   4.Mice – disassemble, clean and reassemble for resale
The e-waste job training is where all student will begin their vocational training at Computers Again. While taking apart these items the students are learning the basic components of a computers, what their function is and the difference between certain types of computers. There are also getting a hands on look between the differences in certain types of wires, circuitry, cooling mechanisms, and connectors. The outcomes the students will ideally develop form this program are stronger fine motor skills, identifying and solving problems independently, tool identification, and value of teamwork.
The tech lab portion of this program allows students to further their computer based knowledge and receive hands-on experience with software applications. The students will learn to clean and prepare computers. They will load computers with new software and software updates. Students will also learn to wipe hard drives clean and organize the memory by trouble shooting the problems.
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