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All Access Learning

THE WHY: All-Access Learning

WE BELIEVE all students in every classroom should have access to deep and authentic learning opportunities that allow them to use both content and foundational knowledge to find and solve problems, create, collaborate, think critically and communicate.

WE BELIEVE that a new model for education places the learner at the center of the process.

WE BELIEVE in a customized educational experience focused on each student’s academic, social and emotional development. By providing our students with a rigorous and relevant curriculum centered around innovation and creativity, our students will graduate ready to compete in a global society.

AGENCY: Empowering students with voice and choice in how they learn.
•    Students learn how to recognize their potential strengths and areas for
      improvement through continued self-assessment and reflections
•    Students possess flexibility in their learning paths, pacing and
ENGAGEMENT: Providing shared ownership of learning driven by students’ interests through strong teacher-student relationships and increased curiosity in the classroom.
•    Students increase their curiosity and ownership of learning through
      personalized learning
•    Students learn to have a growth mind set

OUTCOMES: Reviewing data-based evidence of student growth and mastery learning
•    Students participate in lessons based on timely, up-to-date data
•    Students have multiple opportunities and modes to show growth and
•    Students embrace challenge and learn to fail forward
•    Data is collected to demonstrate learning progress, adjustments to learning

OPPORTUNITY: Access to personalized learning experiences for all students
•    Students progress on a learning pathway that is tailored to their needs
•    Students will be exposed to information in a variety of ways and
•    All students have access to deep learning and authentic projects, problems
      and case studies

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