Project Based Learning in Mayfield

Project Based Learning in Mayfield

When designing Project Based Learning experiences consider using the guiding questions below as well as the Portrait of Mayfield Graduate to maximize the effectiveness of the design.

PDF version of Project Based Learning Overview

Guiding Questions When Designing a PBL Experience

1. Is there a clearly defined essential question that aligns to the stand-ards in the course or grade level you teach?

2. What enduring understandings do you expect from the project?

3. Is there a clearly identified problem or case study that needs to be solved or studied?

4. Is there an opportunity for interdisciplinary connections? (the pro-ject should include possible connections between grade levels, sub-jects, courses or buildings).

5. Is the learning experience student directed and teacher supported?

6. How does the experience explicitly address the compe-tencies in the Mayfield Graduate Profile? (Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Critical Thinking). 

7. Is there an opportunity for students to conduct research, review evidence and prepare a written product?

8. Is there an opportunity for students to use our existing technology to interact in a blended environment?

9. Is there an opportunity for students to present their work to an authentic audience?

10. Is there an opportunity to forge partnerships with busi-nesses or local group to support the work with their expertise? (district will help make these connections)

Major Interdisciplinary Themes That Connect Our Work

 *Global Awareness*
*Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy*
*Civic Literacy*
*Health Literacy*
*Environmental Literacy*
*Technological Literacy and the rise of Artificial Intelligence*

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