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Emily Manning, Grade 1, Gates Mills Elementary School

"I love being a Wildcat because I like learning new things, like math every day. I love my friends and my teachers...
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Ms. Jennifer Cioffi, English teacher, Mayfield High School

"I feel grateful for each day I get to spend moving young people forward. I've always been aware of my role as the facilitator... 
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sam mcvoy

Sam McVoy, 5th grade, Center Elementary

"I love being a Wildcat! I have learned so much, my teachers are so kind, know just what I need and help me learn in my best way."
wayne farinacci

Mr. Wayne Farinacci, MHS Class of 1963 / President, Mayfield Alumni Association

“I am grateful our teachers, counselors, administrators, and support staff give our students what they need to become accomplished graduates who contribute to our community and world. The love and devotion of our alums runs deep because they forever remain connected to Mayfield. There is an obvious reason why - our staff made a difference in their lives.”
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allison jenkins

Ms. Allison Jenkins, Gr. 6 Intervention Specialist, Mayfield Middle School

“It's a good day at school when I observe a child learning how to be a good human. I love when I see kids go out of their way to help a peer, pick up something that wasn't theirs, or try to connect with a new friend.”
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andy mccartney

Andy McCartney, MHS Class of 1988 / President, Bowden Manufacturing Corp

“I am proud to be an alumni, so is my wife, Amy, our daughters and my brother. We have 10 Mayfield alumni in our family. My mom, Emily, served on the Mayfield School Board for 14 years. Mayfield is my history. I am grateful that our Mayfield teachers, staff and community work daily to inspire our next generation.”
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jerry turk

Jerry Turk, Spanish Teacher, Mayfield High School

“After all these years, Mayfield is still a family. We still come together and support each other in difficult times. I'm so inspired by the creativity and dedication of the staff and our students who go above and beyond what we ask them just because they're striving for excellence.”
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becky gardner

Ms. Becky Gardner, Environmental Education Teacher: Gr. 10-12 Excel TECC

"Mayfield has given me the opportunity to positively impact today's teenagers, to build on their self-esteem and to prepare them to become productive members of society."
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becky hall

Mrs. Becky Hall, Gr. K-5 Music Teacher, Center Elementary

“When my students leave the room smiling because they had fun while learning, it has been a good day.”
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