Streaming Video and Podcasts

Streaming Video

Below you will see two video clips.

1. Streaming Video Clip 

The top video clip (wild animals) was added using the streaming video component. In order to use this component, you must have a video downloaded to your computer. Once that video is on your computer you create a Streaming Video component, click edit this component and upload the video. Once the video has been updated, you can give it a title, choose a thumbnail, and check whether or not you would like it to play automatically (auto-play). On the example streaming video clip, auto-play has been checked.
2.  Embedded Video from Youtube
The second video (kid news reporter) was inserted using the script window component. You select script window as your component. Copy and paste the script text into the box titled script text. You find the script text different ways at different sites. Youtube allows you to right click on the video and copy embed code. Other sites will have the embed code at the bottom of the page. You cannot select for the embedded video to be on auto-play.
IMPORTANT --- A streaming video that you have downloaded to your computer and then uploaded to the website will not go anywhere unless you choose to remove it. If you embed a video from a site such as Youtube, you run the risk that Youtube or whomever uploaded the video in the first place chooses to remove the video which would result in a message informing you that the video is no longer available.

Streaming Video uploaded to the website. Auto play has been selected.

Wild Animals

Embedded video of a child news reporter.


Inserting a Podcast is only a few clicks away. Add the page component entitled "Podcasts", click to edit this component. You then will be prompted to give the Podcast a title, and a description. You can choose the dates you would like the podcast visible on the website as well. Click upload file to select your podcast and place it on your webpage.
Example NPR Concert Podcast
Here is an example of what a Podcast may look like. This was downloaded from NPR.
Download This Podcast
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