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KISS Aquatics

Welcome to the K.I.S.S. Aquatics Program!


Kids and Infants Safety and Survival Swim is a swim school dedicated to teaching all ages a love for safe swimming.
Why is drowning the second leading cause of accidental death for children under 5? Answer-----Because the risk of accidental drowning is underestimated!

Drowning is nearly always preventable with the proper aquatic skills learned.

We teach water safety and survival skills, beginning and advanced strokes, and encourage a love of swimming!

  • We provide the BEST SWIM LESSONS for ages 6 months & up.
  • Swim-Float-Swim Technique
  • Roll over breathing
  • Learn to survive a water accident!
  • Every child learns to float in deep water
  • Build your child's confidence and skills in the water.
  • One on one private lessons provide a safe and fun aquatic experience.
  • Exercises muscles, improves balance, coordination and motor skills, increases breath control and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Our instructors are experienced, caring, highly skilled and professional, who have completed a minimum of 100 hours of in-water training and are CPR certified.
  • Our instructors are mature professionals who have chosen to teach aquatic skills. This is their mission, not their summer job!
  • Take control of your child's safety.
  • Our program has your child swimming in weeks, NOT years!
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