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Early Entrance to Kindergarten

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Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Is your child ready?

Students preparing to enter Kindergarten in the Mayfield City Schools are required to be five years old by August 1st of the year they plan on starting Kindergarten. Educational research points to the importance of students being prepared for school intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

If you have a child who turns five after the August 1st deadline but before January 1st, whom you would like to be considered for early entrance to Kindergarten, please request an Early Entrance Packet from Virginia Violas at 440-995-7240 or via email at [email protected] AFTER March 3, 2023.  When your paperwork is returned, you will be contacted by a school representative to discuss the request, and schedule the multi-factored assessment if appropriate. 

The decision process for early entrance into Kindergarten involves your child receiving a multi-factored assessment to determine the appropriateness of early entrance. This assessment would be conducted by the Mayfield City School Early Entrance Evaluation Team within 45 days of your request.  After the completion of the assessment, a meeting will be held to discuss the results.  Questions? Please feel free to contact Matt Bradic, Special Education Coordinator, at 440-995-7209 or via email at [email protected].

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