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Student Device Impact

Educational Impact

Through the utilization of student devices, the Mayfield City School District teachers and staff now have the ability, and an even greater potential than before, to transform the classroom environment for students on a day to day basis.

A technology rich classroom promotes:

  • Deeper student engagement
  • An improvement to the quality and quantity of feedback
  • The ability for educators to more readily differentiate instruction to meet student needs
  • Increased access to resources
  • Enhanced opportunities for student collaboration (peer to peer, student to teacher)
  • Improved lines of communication
  • The enhanced ability to critically think and problem solve

Ultimately, our student device initiative will allow educators to expose our students to real, relevant, and meaningful instructional experiences, focusing on 21st century skills (critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, global citizenship, personal balance, and academic excellence), so that they can compete locally, nationally and internationally.

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